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Thursday, November 12, 2009

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

i got a rude shock on Wednesday morning when alvin smsed me about going for the yeah yeah yeahs' concert.

'what? i thought you weren't interested!'

'huh? well i thought YOU weren't interested!'

great, ticket sales had already started since 9am and by 1045am all the good seats were gone. cat 1 and cat 2 were pink (which meant only single seats left) while cat 3 was the next best option.

i sat next to alvin as we slowly tried to find some other good spot in the concert hall.

a: cat 3? circle 2. how about that? level 3.
v: hmm we watched rockapella from there... should be ok. i guess at that height i can see the drummer...
a: ok...
v: wait wait!! wanna look at the other seatings?
a: sigh. ok we only have 10 minutes before the seat booking expires.

as alvin browsed through the pages., he suddenly exclaimed, 'hey cat 2 turned brown (more than one seat available) for a split second just now!'

we kept refreshing and refreshing until i got tired and let alvin handle the frenzy. somehow, we managed to get 2 seats in cat 2, level 2, circle 1. hurray! but it's still not cat 1...

we confirmed the tickets and bought them. 5 minutes later, i asked alvin where we were sitting again so i could see how far away the stage was from us (yes, i was wallowing). i opened the sistic page... and guess what?

cat 1 was brown in colour. i stuttered out, ' cat 1 is brown.'

'hey get la!! why're you not getting that!!!'

haha obviously my panic response is pretty lacking; alvin leapt from his chair and checked the tickets available... the position was slightly off centre and row O, which is right behind the row greg and kevin had gotten. it's pretty darn good., so we bought that too.

aaaaand... now we have 4 tickets. hmm. what to do with those cat 2 tickets? i really hope someone will wanna buy them off us.

and up for auction they went, this morning! amazingly, within 1 hour alvin got calls from so many people who offered beyond our selling price... which means we made some money back!

in the end we sold the ticket at $285 even though the offer shot up to $300 because well, we wanted to make someone's day. so the tickets will be going to that very fortunate first guy who called alvin. :)

it's all turned out so well...



concerts i've been to:

jason mraz
no doubt

concerts coming:

green day (bought)
yeah yeah yeahs (bought)
the killers

concerts i'm still waiting for:

franz ferdinand
kings of convenience
third eye blind


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