(A melodic or harmonic configuration that creates a sense of repose or resolution.)

"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nerd Gush

ok i need to gush so badly that i'm going to ignore how foreign blogging feels, and for that matter, WHY IS BLOGGER LOOKING SO WEIRD

*pushes everything aside*

i'm here because i'm reading Film Critic Hulk's review of The Avengers and man, that Hulk has completely voiced out about what I love about the film, what I didn't, why it STILL works, and detailed Joss Whedon's works PLUS compared it with The Dark Knight (which is my favorite comic adaptation yet, esp since it's my favorite movie OF ALL TIME. but i am so wrong - what works for TDK, the darkness, the emotion, can't be used here in The Avengers! I take whatever comparison between TDK & TA back.)

i had it all in my head, and the SAME SENTIMENTS bounced around my head for a week after watching The Avengers, but MAN! i could never have written all that down coherently...

WHICH MAKES THIS REVIEW AWESOME, knowing that someone else feels almost the same! i say 'almost' because Alvin is on the same level as FCH about why The Avengers works as a film.


here's the review.

p.s. also, after spending time watching good tv and movies - HIMYM's final episode for this season has got me spitting with anger. IT'S BEEN 7 SEASONS AND WE KEEP GOING BACK TO THE SAME FEW CHARACTERS. WHAT A COP OUT. and they're totally 'dicking us around'. sometimes i really hate network tv - they cancel shows like Firefly, threaten to cancel shows like Fringe (which seriously maims their story arcs, hastening the wrap up of the season and then, SURPRISE YOU'RE RENEWED. fuuu. also, the shuffling of Community's producers, stepping down Dan Harmon. i have nothing to look forward to but Modern Family now.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

abandonment issues

last night, i went home to sleep at my old place. it was real nice, like a retreat into my old life which i relished like a vacation. i gave the cats extra food before i left, and then told them it won't be too long before i'm home again, meow-meows!

the next day i came home well-rested... to 2 cats who seemed to have gone a little nuts. it seems like they get stressed when we're not around, and upon return they become incredibly manja. Joey's been winding around my legs 50% of the day, while Jay runs away and then comes back meowing at the top of his voice.

he even sat on my lap for 15 minutes so i could rub him. whut.

now they're waiting for me to sleep so they can cuddle. wassup man, why so cute one! maybe deep down inside, after being abandoned once, they're really afraid of being abandoned a second time. poor things. :(


alvin thinks they're just spoilt. hahaha.

Jay knows to bring his ball to me if he wants to play, and Joey has also learned something new! she squeaks really cutely when she wants to go watch the rain in the master bedroom's glass panel. she squeaks so i can open the door for her. then she'll bound in, sit at the glass panel and play with the water droplets rolling down the pane... then she curls up and sleeps on the bed.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

memories (and getting fatter as we go along)

angel and i are having SUCH. A. GOOD. TIME going through our old photos.

good grief, i've known my 3 besties for 12 years now. it's mind-boggling. massive photoshare now!!!


check it out, this is us in JC.

xinwei, mel & i with our matching colored rulers (gift from xinwei), Pioneer JC, year 2000. not sure where angel was with her purple colored one.

here's where i met angel & xinwei - the first student's council of PJC where we played all day and partied all night.

3 of us made it to Uni, 1 didn't -
me. it was terrible to get left behind, but i thank God, for if it didn't happen i wouldn't have met alvin.


2002 - right before everyone started uni:


2003: we grew up... and celebrated our 20th birthdays (xw's always the last).

this was our first & last pajama party. coz xw couldn't stand her makeup-less face. that zha bor.

we reveled in our new found freedom and clubbed...

(the wu-bar? da wu bar? dunno la. xw and i were just laughing about that club while we were at Butter last week.)



... and clubbed...

coco latte - xinwei's 21st birthday.

First road trip!!!

... and clubbed all the way to KL.


2005: xinwei's 22nd, at sentosa. crap, i need to find that stupid photo of xinwei again!!!


it's just one of those photos you NEVER forget.


2006: 23 years old.

gallery hotel, so we could club at coco latte. this was also the year i met alvin - i can tell because i'm wearing my favorite Franz Ferdinand shirt that he bought me!! woohoo!!

angel's birthday at the Marmalade Pantry (back when it was at Palais)

xinwei's 23rd - at copthorne waterfront. where did we go after all those drinks? TO ZOUK OF COURSE.

i also had the most haircuts in 2006 after suffering a devastating breakup AND THEN finding love again. upheavaaaaaaaaal...


2007: 24. this might've been the year xinwei & angel learned how to straighten their hair. mel was flying at this time with SIA, so we saw very little of her. shot below taken after my pomelo haircut, at the corner at PS before Tea Cosy took over. also, GRADUATION FOR MEEEE


2008 was the advent of Facebook SO there're photos a-plenty!

council gathering at david's - we are utterly shocked at this point we've been friends for so long. 'good grief, i'm still hanging out with YOU?!'

we took a wristwatch shot here, didn't we? but well, Ben & Jerry's at Dempsey.

we even went to the zoo, where xinwei was horrified by a mousedeer. she screamed and ran away. -_-

at our first wedding together. :)



2nd wedding!

road trip to malacca! see the bibik faces? wait, it's only me COZ THE REST PANG SEH.




how on EARTH did we not do anything in 2010?? is it because i was too busy planning for the wedding? can't be what - everything was left to the last minute! oh well...



YOU GUYS ARE MY BRIDESMAIDS. i look at you also feel like crying lor. sorry for making you girls sob while i was at the altar. :D

mel got hitched shortly after. we have no photos together though. i am sad.

this is the most radiant i've ever seen mel. :O


2012: NYE & NYD! it's hilarious how we're standing in front of my canvas of Manhattan. ON NYE.

yeah, we'll be here for a very long time. it's scary how much we've been through - even at one point we all almost went our separate ways but we stuck together. all the smoking, drinking, break ups, pregnancy scares, breakups, miscommunication and mistrust... it's probably not over but there is so much respect here, and we know how to beat the shit out of each of us especially when one is behaving stupidly. you girls are my therapy group, really.

also, we grand old ladies will making more memories in the third road trip this weekend! YEAH BABY - BIKINIS ON!


edit: wait i found the wristwatch photo!

tsk, tsk, xinwei...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Dance vs Dance Central

there is no fight. Dance Central beats the shit out of Just Dance. Just compare the two songs below:

SO DIFFERENT. Just Dance has too many repetitive moves but, man, they have such good songs! and why is it their dancers always look so... unkempt. their hair's all over the place and they look like they're wearing clothes from This Fashion. geez.

also, for Just Dance's version there's more of a full song experience (though they cut out the bridge for Only Girl - why ah? too much choreo?) while Dance Central shortens the song - but it's so freaking fast paced that if you do everything correctly and throw yourself into it the cardio workout is pretty intense.

and then there's this:

i love this song, and the choreo is... OKAY. i like the parts where you can face your partner to dance, that's a plus point, but there's so little of it. also, the female dancer is a poorer in performance as compared to the guy. she stumbles a little when she slides back in position.


there're other JD/DC overlaps like, Lena's 'Satellite', Britney's 'Toxic' (both covers, but the JD one is pretty annoying), Justice's 'D.A.N.C.E.', Benny Benassi's 'Satisfaction', and Bananarama's 'Venus'.

One thing's for sure - i wouldn't subject a gatecrashing bridegroom to Just Dance 3*.

*my friend's husband was made to do 'Venus' on DC during his gatecrash
in a straw skirt. awesome.



the good ones that i can stomach are Tik Tok, American Boy & ... no more. sigh.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The trials of a first time gamer

i have never gamed before in my entire 28 (nearing 29) years of life.

so this morning when i told alvin, yeah sure get me on SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic), i wasn't really sure what I was thinking. i might have turned to SWTOR as a rebound from a very sad and disappointing installation of The Sims 3 (gawd, that poor resolution!).

disc 1, disc 2, disc 3 - dude, will my non-ga
mer friendly laptop be able to take this much pretty? got lightsaber fights, u know?

roughly an hour later, alvin came out from his shell (the master bedroom MASTER COMPUTERRR), logged into his swtor account on my laptop, and gave me his alternate character to 'play-play, have a feel'.

i watched the intro again. the full thing. and not as a wife watching over her husband's shoulder,


i felt invincible. omg, i was gonna be like Satele Shan and be all fiesty etc, and smack. the. shit. out of all those Siths. double lightsaber - GET!

i created my character. i knew i wanted someone hot, but didn't know i had a penchant for blindfolds. but the way they described her... using the Force to feel her way around; i don't know - it called out to me. and being a noob, i'd also like a handicap i guess...

'why did you run into that tree for?!'
'dude, i'm BLIND.'

ok character customization - done. intro for Jedi Knight - done. loading... loading...


i got distracted staring at the glowing blue bar and turned around to talk to alvin. minutes later, i realized i've been staring at the same blue bar - at the bottom it said 'press spacebar to continue'.

mildly embarrassed, i went, 'OH SHIT I'M SUCH AN IDIOT IT'S BEEN READY FOR LIKE, 10 MINUTES HARHAR' and hit the spacebar.

this is it guys. i'm going in.

i land on some planet and speak to some dude. man, he sounds holier than thou. maybe i should've been Sith. *grumble*

then he sends me on a mission.

A MISSION!!! what?! the conversation is over?


alvin must have been watching me because he runs over from the sofa and presses WASD for directions, and shows me how to use the map. i panic a little less. panic level 7.

WHEE SO FUN WE FLY IN A SPEED RIDER THINGIE! to the battlefield. where we're getting attacked by Fleshraiders (WHAT ARE THEY?! WHERE ARE THE EWOKS??) panic level back to 10. possibly 11.

'what do i do dear?! how to hit - can i shoot from far far away plsplsplsplsplspls i scared he BITE ME OMG'

at this point, alvin is really biting back his mirth as he coos & tries to explain how to attack. he killed 7 out of 10 Fleshraiders for me to gain XP. left 3 behind for me to try my hand on.

i put my fingers on my EXTREMELY foreign feeling laptop and tried to run.

i ran straight into a wall. 'u mean i can't climb?? OI WHAT IS THIS.'

i went near to a Fleshraider and he it spots me. i whacked him one time on the head with my lightsaber AND THEN IT STARTS SHOOTING AT ME OMG WHERE IS MY HEALTH BAR WHERE AM I GOING WILL I DIE GO AWAY GO AWAY

i found myself running away from the attack screaming in real life (ARGH ARGH) while alvin finally lost composure and outright laughed at me.

totally reminds me of the time i got attacked by pigs in New Zealand, screaming for alvin to help me while he just doubled over in laughter.


ALVIN STOP LAUGHING YOU SHITHEAD WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. i ran back into the fight and killed that freaking Fleshraider because it embarrassed me in front of the love of my life, and then i killed another 2 more using my second attack (alvin kept shouting 'press 2! press 2!' 'YAR I AM TRYING ARGH ARGH')

after some flurry, XP GAINED!

my Sith master (alvin's an in-game Sith) gave me a few more pointers (you can bind here. you can sell things here. you get new quests here. can buy medical supplies here. *point*point*)



i get on with my quest (whee! i have two!) and followed the first arrow leading me to main mission.

30 seconds later, i got killed. :(((((((((((((

i should probably avoid the hordes, yo. back to base. try again!

along the way:

'- MUSHrooms... eh how you know. then why are they glowing?'

i tried to interact with the mushrooms anyway. nothing. me has a sad.


'bebbie i'm lost. T_T i cannot find the people i am supposed to look forrrrr...'

i alvin found Satele Shan and i was rude to her. :D

then i went to nap for 2 hours (IRL) because i was tired out from the fear of Fleshraider hordes and what. a. steep. learning. curve! MAN!

i am getting my own account now. be sociable again in a few months, guys.

Monday, November 28, 2011

i've misjudged your character.

(i know it's been a month since Halloween but this story HAS to be shared!)

so for quite a number of years on the 31st of October, we've been participating in Trick-or-Treat at Woodgrove as we have a friend who stays there (one of the HereBeGeeks guys). It's always fun, never dull as we dress up for kicks and give away candy to the throngs of children.

we've been pirates, Kill Bill assassins, carnies, Scott Pilgrim characters & this year we paid homage to our favorite Kinect game - Dance Central!! (*excited!!* although nobody recognized us.)

so as usual, we got dressed up and lugged our giant gold boombox filled with treats to the gate and hollered, 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!' we even started dancing to DC songs - it was pretty LOL.

the mayhem began. children crowded around us, some really cute and dressed up, some incredibly gruesome... and there was a Dr Who and a creepily accurate Michael Jackson. we gave el cheapo sweets to those kids who didn't put in any effort (e.g. NO COSTUME, HOLDING A PLASTIC BAG) - like, hey don't degrade this ok? we're not here just to donate sweets leh.

the thing about Halloween at Woodgrove is that you get a whole range of people dressing up, from babies to toddlers, teens and even adults. family costumes are always amazing. we had a Batman (father) & Robin (son) duo - that was great!

BEST COSTUME had to go to this young dude who came around smiling benignly and shook everyone's hands. omg he was so in character, i knew what he was immediately - with all the General Elections that just took place this year it's not hard to guess - HE'S ACTING AS A YOUNG PAP MEMBER. he even gathered his friends to behave as his minders, WOW. WOW WOW WOW.

that, ladies and gentleman, is EFFING BRILLIANT.

i just gaped at him and told the others to check his mind-blowing act & 'costume' (light short sleeved shirt tucked into chinos; that is elegant execution - he doesn't even need to buy a costume!). even the rest noted how awesome his character was and we all agreed he should get more treats. yay, we finally have someone really deserving of our Reeses pieces!

he finally came around and i was so excited i yelled, 'HEY YOU LOOK GREAT MAN!! so who are you supposed to be?'

he shook my hand - well, all of our hands, actually, and said a name which i didn't catch. well, no matter, must be somebody in GRC or parliament that he resembles with his crew cut hairstyle. SO COOL LA, WAH LAU.

the rest of my pals were smiling and keeping up with the hoity-toity act and since i was the candy-giver, i offered him our best candy.

'here, have some! eh? where's your bag? hmm... it's ok i'll put them in your pocket. this is so awesome!!'

i stuffed the sweets into his chest pocket. his "minder" friend even tried to calm me down and restore a little decorum in my behavior. i loved it!!

but he politely dug his pocket and returned my sweets which made me genuinely confused. well... maybe he's really just like, cosplaying for kicks & not for the sweets, like us? looks around our age too... ah, no matter. HEY LOOK HE'S GIVING OUT NAME CARDS SHIT THIS IS AMAZINGLY INTO CHARACTER -

alarm bells started ringing. i could see the rest of my friends pause too, but in my excitement i ignored the bells and shouted, 'GOOD GRIEF YOU EVEN PRINTED NAME CARDS, you're damn into it la. respect man! ... HEY, YOU LOOK REALLY REALLY GREAT THIS EVENING! WOO! BEST COSTUME I'VE EVER SEEN!! :D' to his retreating back.

i turned back to my friends smiling. they looked stunned and confused.

me: what?

them: er, i think he was a real MP or a member of the GRC.

me: WHAT!! wai, you stay here. do you know him?! ... OH GOD WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!?!??!?! i hate you all.

them: we don't know who he is!!!!

me: wah lau eh! who goes around and shakes hands on Halloween, what the heck?! omg, guys, KILL ME NOW. PLEASE. oh shit, i was being a total IDIOT! OH MY GOD.

thinking about what happened still makes me giggle real bad. and i still don't know who that guy was.



well, at least we had fun with some Dance Central and the hilarious moves on Fire Burning - never imagined I'd enjoy Sean Kingston so much.

the rest of Halloween here: HereBeGeeks


Monday, November 07, 2011

Halloween Madness

i'm not going to do my own post... because the article on Here Be Geeks is pretty darn awesome.

Here you go folks; check out the gif where i fall off the step while we dance to Informer, Miss Aubrey vs Miss Aubrey and laughing at the ridiculous fan step in Fire Burning.


HereBeGeeks’ Halloween Wrap-Up: Now Featuring Dance Central 2!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

this is how we do it

Ladies & gentlemen, this is how Dance Central should be done! WOW.

Jailbreak Joey and Cat-Shark Jay

i had hung out clothes out to dry in the sun, and settled down to do some work when i suddenly realized - the house is pretty quiet. i turned around to see Jay snoozing at his curtain corner...

is Joey with him? nope. on her cat tree...? nope. kitchen? bar counter? corridor window? NEGATIVE.

i shouted for her, and even shook the food container coz it's a surefire way to get her running out from wherever she's hiding. only Jay came bounding into the kitchen with excited nom-meows. crap.

'Joey? Joeeyyyyy??'

i thought i heard her typical squeak, so i went to check the parapet where i open the windows whenever i dry our clothes.

there she was, squashed between the outdoor aircon units and batting cement bits around. she looked up to see me, and squeaked as if saying 'hi mom, having a ball of a time - NOT COMING BACK YAY.'

Jay came running and mewed back at Joey, but she ignored him. she also ignored my attempts to lure her in with kibble, her favorite cat treat and the laser pointer.

the aircon man repairing the units diagonally upstairs was pretty amused as i climbed out, stepped on that dirty parapet and grabbed the unrepentant cat. she seemed pleased to be back at home but i had to wash her paws so she was quite indignant about that. i brought the clothes in and closed the windows.

and i thought that was that, eh?


it started raining - thank goodness i brought the clothes in and saved Joey before the storm.

after 2 minutes Joey came running out of the kitchen with her back wet. i found that really weird, coz i washed her paws, not her body. but i brushed it off; maybe she rolled in the leftover water in the toilet? she kinda likes playing with water, more than Jay at least.

she went back into the kitchen and i continued with my work.

in 5 minutes, Jay came up to me and mewed. it was different. i started to look for Joey and OF COURSE she was nowhere to be found again. i combed the area 3 times before i decided to go back to the parapet - BUT HOW CAN IT BE? THE WINDOW IS CLOSED!!!

there she was. she actually found the soft spot in the corner of the wire mesh that we just couldn't reinforce with cable ties and broke out through there. we usually use the litter scoop to block it, but when i found it askew i knew she'd discovered the escape route.

without hesitation i climbed out (in the rain, too) and grabbed that mangy cat. what the heck - she'd been sitting on the aircon unit and enjoying the rain drops. -_-"'

once i got back into the house i decided it was bath time. poor Jay - i wasn't gonna go through all that torture just for ONE cat. i dumped them both in the shower stall and sprayed away! thank goodness i didn't get scratched - the cats were probably too shocked by the deluge of water drowning them.

the kitchen door will be closed until we can do something about the plastic mesh. meanwhile, Jay has gotten over his shock and is circling my chair while making threatening meows and attempting to bite my feet. he's probably annoyed that he was the whistle-blower and yet he got punished for it.

on the upside - the cats' fur look great. le sigh.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bi-annual checkup

brought the cats to our local vet (only one bus stop away!) for their 6 monthly check-up... i wanted to tweet, but i realized i forgot my phone. so clever.

so Jay was meowing non-stop as i lugged both of them in the carrier. DUDE, HE IS SO HEAVY. i was so worried the carrier handle would snap off and when the carrier hits the tarmac the door will spring open and both will run away. but thank God that didn't happen.

Jay is 3.8kg now! our vet was like, 'ooh his fur is nice! healthy coat, and looks good... but er... think he's a bit large ah, maybe must watch out abit.'

'yar we call him pui kia now.'

she laughs.

apparently both cats are still teething and will continue having bad breath for awhile, until all their tiny teeth in the front drop out. SO KEWT THE TINY TEETH. heehee.

Joey's super tiny next to Jay. a lot of pedestrians were coming over to see what i had in the carrier... and all they saw was one cat.

'i have another one inside there? but abit small.'

'really?! *peers in again* OHHH!'

while we were at the vet's Jay refused to come out of the cage while Joey was the brave girl again. she's amazing - she just survived an operation at the same place and she's completely fearless. within 5 minutes she was sniffing around the vet's steel table (you know how creepy those are, right?) and pawing the vet's arm and making her laugh.

Jay just cowered in the carrier and refused to come out, so we had to dismantle the carrier. -_-

vet: 'you can't hide forever... muahahaha.'

so all in all, cat stats are now 2.5kg and 3.8kg each, Jay's getting kinda fat (oh, don't we all know it - just needed a confirmation) and Joey's seriously teething, which is why she's biting everything. she's also got some inflammation on her hind leg where it's suspected they used to put anaesthetic into, so she's got some anti-inflammatory medicine for that.

but otherwise they're healthy! YAY!