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Monday, December 21, 2009

the 5 days of getting an iPhone

this was supposed to be titled 'the 12 days of getting an iPhone', like the 12 days of Christmas? but i gave up. 5 days is enough of utter sian.


on the first day:

omgomg i'm so excited... *turns it on* wheeee... okok. tread. slowly. hmm... lemme try to get on the internet.

(it's so preettyyy XD)


i can't get online. why. why why why.

so i get home and try to download applications through wifi. ok, i need an iTunes account - but of course! sure, why not... types in email address for verification.

*keeps refreshing email account*

no email?! why? why so long? why why why. *refresh x 100*

makes mental note to call m1 to check if 3G's been activated and whether they gave me my $100 rebate yet.

went to bed with a headache.

on the second day:

called m1, got 3G activated (you mean they don't activate it once you get the phone? strange!), $100 rebate is done... iTunes application still pending.

oh! the verification email is in! yippee. *click*

"itunes is not supported in your country."

ah... bugger. here we go.

after 2 hours, my headache came back, and i gave up - asked hanbin for help.

'are you using hotmail?'
'don't use hotmail!'
'what the HECK?! it's not like they didn't say cannot use hotmail!@#$% why was there no notification or warning?! tmd waste my time only.'

i change to gmail, and got the verification email straight away. i click on the link.

OH YEAY the itunes page is open! i see a popup box that says, 'iTunes has to be opened with an application. please pick one from below:'

now what's this? i tried one of the options. nope. another? nope.

meanwhile, hanbin tells me about getting a headphone jack and port cover so i don't trigger the indicator, coz you know, singapore is so humid the indicator turns pink whether or not you dumped your phone in the water WHICH VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY.

tmd leh cheh.

i try for another hour. by this time, hanbin goes awol so i turn to lennel.


he painstakingly guides me through... and eventually we figure out it's because i'm using Firefox and not IE.

wow. seriously?! compatibility issues? first with hotmail and now with firefox?!

this is the point where all the talk about wonderful-awesome-intuitive-easy-to-use apple comes back to me - AND LOSES ALL CRED BECAUSE I DON'T SEE HOW THIS IS AWESOME AT ALL.

as my rage rises (see, i've wasted at least 5 hours just trying to download apps, and i'm not even done yet).

so i get my account. then i learn how to sync iTunes. then i start playing and downloading apps until i end up with a headache. also, why is my batt draining so quickly??

then i try setting a custom ringtone. wow the online guides are useless coz they guide you halfway and leave you dangling. i get to the point until i convert my m4a to m4r... then, nothing. nothing appears in my iTunes.

ok enough grappling with this software for the day. i crash into bed with another migraine.

on the third day:

oh my goodness why are there so many settings i need to configure just to stop my 3G from draining my batt?? T_T

i pass the phone to alvin because i just cannot handle anymore. he tries some settings and it kinda works so i leave it as that.

and then he helps me with my ringtones. apparently i need to cut my ringtone to 25-35 seconds otherwise it will not appear in iTunes for me to sync. *breathes* ok fine, alvin edits it for me then he tries to sync it to my phone which caused this message to pop up:

'each iPhone can only sync to one iTunes software. would you like to erase all data from this iPhone?' (not the exact same message, but something along those lines)

at this point even alvin let out a frustrated sound, and called iTunes stupid. oh and his itunes at home is linked to alvin's mom's iphone.

he emailed me my ringtones.

when i got home i synched it and seeing how i had a moment of success with customizing my ringtones, i decided to load in a nice picture to use as my wallpaper! :D

wait. you mean i need to sync this too?!

which means i need to create a folder, then paste my photos inside, open itunes, and then find the folder and sync it.

summary so far: i need to go through itunes for EVERYTHING. as compared to all other phones where you can simply 'copy' then 'paste'.

i'm sorry, i really wanted to give apple a chance, but this is just ridiculous. i'm sorry lennel, but i kinda snapped when u mentioned (though tongue in cheek) that all my problems will be gone if i'd just bought a mac.

how is this different from the time when everyone was complaining that microsoft was becoming a monopoly? isn't apple just doing the same thing when things only work if you get the full set from them? get their computer, oh sorry i mean a MAC coz "macs are not computers, they are cooler" *rolls eyes* and itunes that work on safari and what else?

on the fourth day:

i revert to using the basics because i am exhausted. i cannot handle work and the iphone issues at the same time, i might throw my phone at someone and kill two birds with one stone.

on the fifth day:

i think i will spend the next few days reading the online apple guide. together with alvin.


  • At Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:46:00 PM, Blogger direcow said…

    but I don't read online guides!! not the official ones anyway. Let's jury rig this phone!

  • At Wednesday, December 23, 2009 4:21:00 AM, Blogger nellieboo said…

    hahaa... it wasn't such a pain for me leh. and its not because I am using a mac..

  • At Wednesday, December 23, 2009 10:17:00 AM, Blogger feline said…

    huh. your phone has been j***b***en so i think the experience might be different. and i really think having a mac makes a huge difference because if i had one, my iTunes account would've have been such a pain and synching folders would be an ease for me, simply because it's part of learning how to use a mac.

    but yar i don't have one so i wouldn't know.

  • At Wednesday, December 23, 2009 10:18:00 AM, Blogger feline said…

    i was thinking about it and it seems like everyone who loves their iPhone has a mac. well, around me la. either that or their phones are j***b***en.

  • At Thursday, December 24, 2009 4:52:00 PM, Blogger nekobits said…

    wad's j***b***en? seems that ben doesn't have much problem with his. but i think if i get my hands on one. i'll be as frustrated as you trying to customise it as well. ben just uses the basic functionality. heh


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