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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

money money money.

the day before school term starts... and my laptop crashes.

from 3 guys: 'running windows XP on 256 ram?!??! hahahahahahahahahaha.'

yeah yeah, should've listened to u comp geeks.

but, hey, surviving on a 256 ram for almost 4 years... i'm pretty proud of my little HP lappie already.

so now, i'm $180 poorer for a 512 ram and 40gb of HDD, and doing data retrieval while typing this out.

it's pretty cool and geeky (to me) how ingenious it is to...

1. buy an external HDD in which the hard disk (gah, almost made this error again!!) is compatible with my laptop

2. remove the external HDD from its casing and swop positions with my corrupted HDD

3. use the new HD to run data retrieval from my external HDD containing all my old data

this is really the much cheaper alternative. at HP service center, even the guy at the counter suggested this method. data retrieval at HP will cost 100 per hr!! i do not have that kinda money man.

hmm... my ext HDD is making creepy clicking noises. *stares at it nervously*

plsplspls gimme all my data back. :(


on a brighter note:


i have just gotten 2 dresses from Vivocity, at this place called Nichii Fashion City. it's on the 2nd floor near the exit to Harbourfront.

ok u need to understand... i have short legs (hence long skirts are a nono), wide hips (no bubble skirts for me kplsthx), an incessant problem of a tummy (no tight fitting stuff but then i'll look like a tree trunk), and flabby arms (sleeveless stuff are the bane of my life. i'm 95% in sleeved clothing).

BUT! the dresses at Nichii fit me to a T.

i tried one. and i couldn't stop. i went back again today and the salesgirl in charge of the changing room recognized me! "haha! you're back again!" gahhh.

but oh my i looooooove their stuff. when i start work i will go there. and they use good material! it's not really dirt cheap. it's actually in my upper range already ($30-$50 for good dresses... by the time u hit the $50 dresses, the material is really good stuff).

all working ladies, pls just go there and take a look. esp angel, since vivocity's like, your happy place. but then again, i suspect u already know that place. heh.

but please! please don't buy anything turqoise + grecian or a wrap dress with red flowers; i don't wish to look like your twin. or create a fashion faux pas.

do take a look. i am like, bargain queen. and this has just become my happy shop. and i love their stuff more than mango/zara. seriously.


  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 9:18:00 AM, Blogger furple said…

    Nicii Fashion City just so happens to be my mother's favourite shop at VivoCity. hurhurhur. but hey, my mother looks better than i do in office-wear so.

    BUT! dresses (of any kind and from anywhere) are good things so thanks for the tip. :P

  • At Sunday, January 14, 2007 11:59:00 AM, Blogger Can Can said…

    okay!! i'm going htere to check their stuff out. =) hahaha when i'm more free that is.


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