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Friday, September 14, 2007

struck with psychomotor

yesterday's reggae class was quite something.

the instructor taught us this new move that i took quite a while to get... because i had incredible psychomotor skillz (i thinks i is seeing too much lolcat, lol).

anyway! know what i did??

when i had to step out my left leg, i stuck out my left hand. like one of those russian military soldiers marching, u know? i looked so retarded!!

and then when the natural reaction when u kick out your right leg is to shift your weight to your left side... i couldn't! i kept landing on my right side!!! argh!!! so when the class was facing one direction, i was totally gabrah and swinging myself facing the OTHER SIDE!!


and then... and then... that aileen lam wanli.

*sigh* ok when there's some complicated move, the instructor will break it down into parts. so this time we were just practicing something akin to walking on the spot while moving our hands like we were pasting it on a mirror and dragging it down.

while we were all concentrating in learning how to do that step with aplomb, i made the mistake of turning to see how aileen was doing.

i caught her eye...

she mouthed, 'hamster wheel.'

i burst out in a fit of giggles and it was sooo bad i had to squat down and try to muffle my laughter but shuddering like a duracell bunny.


don't think the instructor was very happy. :p

but it was still a damn good class minus all the mishaps, coz it was speedy and we learnt many things!!

and especially after all the loose limbs and russian marching, the feeling of finally doing everything properly (wah still got time to add my own flavour to it leh, heh-heh) was quite a rush.

hence, still quite high today. my bum's not aching yet! good sign, no?

anyways, cancan! here's the youtube clip of our instructors:

anan, gin and aileen's cousin!! hahaha -

oh here's the one with my hiphop instructor at the Overdrive competition:

and this one is simply coz he's damn zai:


  • At Wednesday, September 19, 2007 2:33:00 PM, Anonymous saintbubblegum said…

    Hmm, actually if you had incredible psychomotor skills, you'll be really fast at picking it up. Somehow pple use the word "psychomotor" as a connotatively negative term, no idea why lol! An appropriately negative term would be "psychomotor retard", for example- to connote the retardation of one's psychomotor abilities. Its useful too cos its a noun haha!
    Ok mindless. heh!

  • At Wednesday, September 19, 2007 3:51:00 PM, Blogger feline said…



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