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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Friday, August 24, 2007

no one really wins.

i heard this first when Copeland came around to sg and i'm not sure if they sang it during the glasshouse performance (sunday)? maybe they did?

but the acoustic version (monday) really caught my attention. aaron marsh's voice is so smooth and buttery, and the lyrics just stopped my heart.

i was so into the song that when i got home i kept trying to look for it from the Copeland albums alvin passed to me... and it took me SO LONG because i really didn't expect the original to sound so... RAW. so i just kept skipping past it, coz when i heard the beginning i just brushed it off, hahaha.

but the original version really grew on me, even though it sounded so unpolished. at first i thought, well, maybe it's their first (few?) album(s) so maybe that's why they sound so unprocessed?

but listen to the 2nd chorus, the sound actually changes and sounds somewhat like something Franz Ferdinand would play.

i really love this song. so much that i'm even uploading the little bit of the acoustic version alvin managed to capture. maybe listen to the acoustic one on the vid before u listen to the mp3... the differences are more jarring.

here we go!



  • At Saturday, August 25, 2007 2:19:00 PM, Blogger furple said…

    hey babe, i haven't read ur blog in ages... what happened to your tagboard??

    anyway, i wanted to say i'm reading philip pullman too! just finished the first book and gonna get started on the rest just in time for the movie ;)

  • At Sunday, August 26, 2007 11:48:00 PM, Blogger feline said…

    yeah i took it off! coz i can't keep the tagboard comments forever, so i just decided to do away with it, and let the blog comments be useful. :D

    yeah, His Dark Materials is an interesting read... but kinda anti-christ-ish... er... but it's a fun ride la. enjoy it man. this was like, my 2nd time reading it already.


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