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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Saturday, January 05, 2008

these boots are meant for walking

my legs are beyond sore.

after my cousin's solemnization in the early afternoon, i made my way down to east coast park for some cycling.
when i got there at around 4pm, the guys were just in the first hour of training chuuling:

and then... it rained.

so we hid out at komala's...

and ordered two
masala dosai.

it rained for an hour. eventually we got fed up, and strode over to some stalls, and us girls bought a towel each. chuuling used it to warm herself; i bought mine because towels are so important, you apparently can't travel without them (according to the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy). i dried myself off, then a lightbulb lit up overhead.

and this was how i intended to keep my glasses dry so i could see where i was going.

it worked for the first 5 minutes.
.. then it stopped raining!!! gah!!

we all had single bikes but somehow chuuling couldn't get start
ed on hers...

so we traded 2 bikes back for a tandem bike to be shared between us.

as i was cycling back to trade the bikes with alvin, i got abit daring (in other words, S-T-U-P-I-D) and tried racing with him on the wet road. i flew off the bike.


this habit's got to go.

well, thank goodness chuuling and i got back to the shop eventually in one piece on the tandem. i was pretty stressed out by how there was a chance of me killing her via tandem bike.

mind you, it was a long journey because 1) we had no gears 2) tandem bikes are slowww 3) i have
crazy steering (non)skillz. we kept yelling/screaming for no apparent reason, swerving for no apparent reason, and screaming when we almost ran over a kitty cat that sprang out of nowhere.

alvin and hanbin laughed their heads off at how we were panicking... 10 meters down and i was still freaking out about the cat (WOAH!) and chuuling was still yelling 'got meow-meow! got meow-meowww!!'

oh yes, and i was cycling in alvin's slippers!! that's why we were so slow!! i forgot to bring my own shoes and ended up cycling in slippers, and going home in giam-cai shorts and tee plus my glam black shoes.

i felt like cabaret patrick in the spongebob movie. -_-"'

anyway! we went all the way to changi beach and turned back when i saw my fill of aeroplanes.

ONE LANDED RIGHT NEXT TO US!! it's so incredibly cool. and it totally blasted my ears off but i was there grinning away like an idiot... and then made chuu scream coz i almost swerved off balance, haha.

we were aiming to get to changi village but i was pretty much dreading the trip back from there, so i put my foot down and made everyone turn back. thank goodness i did, coz the road back seemed neverending.

and then it rained!
again! and no, it was not a drizzle, plus my towel was safely in my bag, sob.

we almost fell into the canal. thank God for high barriers. *phew*

and on our way back we saw this guy performing stunts on the cable ski, and almost killed a baby rat OUT OF NOWHERE ON THE ROAD AGAIN. silly animals desperately trying to become roadkill. death by bicycle, *ring-ring!*

when chuu and i got off the bike we groaned so loudly coz it was like we were plucking out butts that were already glued to the bike seat.

and i couldn't uncurl my fingers nor close my legs together until we waddled to BK for dinner. argh.

but i have to say, it was
bloody good fun. =)


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