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Friday, March 27, 2009

overstuffed (this is only part 1)

after the mass of activities the past week, i really, really missed dating alvin (instead of just seeing him at work everyday) so we had an impromptu moment and headed to Liang Court after his lecture on tuesday.

actually, prior to this post i've been on eating feasts at Liang Court (i love that place. it's quiet, and has Meidi-Ya. not the most convenient to travel to, but what the heck - the food will keep us going) with alvin plenty of times except that i NEVER have my camera. thanks to the coldplay concert, my camera was with me on tuesday! this is how much damage we did. *burp*

we're here at clarke quay! it's such a pretty place. :)



first stop at liang court (after walking through central for some wassants at Provence the bakery and walking through the beautiful mini-streets in clarke quay) -

TAMPOPO DELI! do note that this is at the basement of liang court, not the actual tampopo restaurant. i do not like the ramen there. i can get better ones elsewhere. (like marutama)

wagyu mince balls - 4 for $7 (this is the second time we're having this. alvin ALWAYS goes straight for this... he likes his meats.)


light cheese chiffon cake $4.80? $3.80? (the chiffon bit is super high quality... but damn milky la, ugh)


fruit scoop cake - $5.80 (good, good, good.)


belated pictures of my wassants from provence (my entire family loved its soft, fluffy texture)



once done, we headed to saizeriya since we were on a budget. and oh my goodness that restaurant is so cheap. see alvin's face:





we only ordered one full meal for the two of us to share. and by meal i mean salad + soup + foccacia + appetizer + main course. heh.

shrimp salad


minestrone soup


hamburg steak (main course)


eh forgot to take pictures of the escargot. it came de-shelled already which took away all the fun for us. overall, the food wasn't great and we probably won't go back unless we're really broke and we're in the area or... i dunno man, if we had to treat someone while being super broke.

hmm. wedding dinner...?

KIDDING LA. we're foodies, and will not subject you to mediocre food. haha! :D

after dinner i was still bouncing around while alvin was already stuffed to the max. we headed to meidi-ya to look for some exotic snacks for my girls and on the way i got this!


it used to be better though, all cold and fresh and light. but this time it's overladen with mayo so i gave up after some time.

then we went home feeling like fat pigs. and we knew we were going to stuff ourselves the next day (wednesday) too... and that's coming up in the next post! :)


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