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Monday, March 23, 2009

we rocked ubin to the hilt.

so on saturday, my girls and i made our way down to pulau ubin to take part in the 'amazing race' organized by the church for youths!

honestly, on the way there i wanted to kill some of them. so... gu... niang... and totally forgot my instructions given just the day before when we met for cell group: 'we're going to run. wear shoes. bring a backpack. we're roughing it out.'

when jolene came with her rhinestone hairband and 101 hairclips, i wanted to throttle her. and her bag... was a tote.

and suddenly two of the girls got grounded. SCREWED MAN, NOW WE HAVE TO JOIN THE BOYS TEAM!! not that the boys suck, but i just really wanted my girls to experience this together since i'd already foreseen a tough trek ahead. some bonding time, you know? you share tough experiences, you grow closer - like in the army. haha!

we reached the jetty at 12pm, thinking that the activity was going to start at 12pm - they'd sent out a message saying 'hey let's meet at 12pm instead of 1pm!'

BUT NO. they wanted us to reach the jetty at 12pm so they could mark attendance... the actual activity only starts at 1pm ON THE ISLAND. -_-"'

uncle, say so ma. then i would've brought the girls for lunch and not rushed them all over the place and end up waiting for everyone else to arrive at 1pm.

but some good came out of it - the 2 grounded girls came by 1pm! :) my team is full again! hurray!

being impatient, we didn't wait for the boys and just hopped on to a boat leaving for ubin. the girls were slowly getting more and more excited...

i think i've passed this trait down to them. they get spurts of excitement like me, bubbling slowly then suddenly they'd burst in effervescent claps or squeals. HAHA!

upon reaching ubin island, i sprung into action.

'alright girls, we're late. let's go. nat, you draw the flag, ashley, help nat. the rest of us - FACE PAINT.'

i was so gung-ho natalie gaped at me and said, 'woah vivien why you suddenly so macho.'

'yar i know. we have no time. now help me. go go go go go.'

it was quite funny now that i think of it. i think i just assumed the manly role because our team were an all girls team (oh, ps william's daughter, grace, joined us as well. she's really feisty though her pretty sandals were covered with mud.) and i took the role of leader so that i could push them to move before they all sat back and whined about the weather, the floor, the mud, the sun, the face paint and everything else.

so ok lor. time to macho them up. heheheh. and they didn't whine, and complaining was kept to the minimum. ah, they are such joys. :D

they were so funny when they tried making me into the team mascot. they wrapped me in newspaper, gave me masking tape suspenders and a mini skirt. high fashion in pulau ubin, yo! hahaha... it was really funny prancing around the island in that get-up. ashley and melissa (the twins) were certain a biker almost swerved into a tree when he went past us in bewilderment.

and can i say i am damn proud of my girls?

they completed 4 stations out of 5 (i think we were the only team) and tried so hard to catch up with my fast pace (good job!! coz i know i walked really fast and pushed everyone relentlessly) while avoiding the mud. they also braved the rain in cute little ponchos and tramping through the gorgeous chek jawa. they looked like little hobbits especially ashley who was holding on to our flag and using it as a walking stick. HAHA.

but we didn't win because i failed to realize that the chek jawa station was a quiz, and i thought we had to find a station master. T_T my fault, my fault...

so this week i'm going to treat my girls (i'm not sure what yet) to something good. they really did wonderfully when it was their first time out in the wilderness. they're all champions in my eyes - jolie, natalie, grace, melissa, ashley and jolene. :)

i love them!


oh and i remember i was telling the girls that once you go through this, nothing can be worse than tramping through mud in the rain. yay! stepping out of your comfort zone!

i'd love to bring them to rough it out and learn what i've learnt - when situations get tough and dirty, you get by with great company. :)


coldplay in 9 hours!


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