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Friday, July 03, 2009

i took leave

i took leave today to meet jade and david for a bit. so we went to rasa sentosa with the rest of the tan family to check out a possible banquet location! :)


i have no idea why jobyna said that rates nowadays were all $1200 per table and above. she is very misinformed and made me panic for no reason. -_-"'




anyway! rasa sentosa's gorgeous! we were taken around to check out different ballrooms and their set-up, and the outdoor wedding location is SO PRETTY. with white picket fences and...


*slaps jade's arm excitedly*



"I KNOW!!! *glee*"

seriously, we have pretty much the same idea for an outdoor wedding... so much so that it's a little creepy but we counter that by squealing and going 'OMG!!! YOU TOO??!?!'.

OH OH. at one point of the meeting the floor manager, ricky, gave a wedding package brochure to me. eyeing that he had extra copies i asked for one more... for... my... *shy*...



i burst out laughing in glee once i said that. woohoo!!! this feels great, yeah! :D



after all the morning excitement, the tans (and jade) had a lunch appointment so i went to carl's junior to settle my tummy. it actually felt really good to be so relaxed, on leave, watching people and eating slowly and leisurely. mmm waffle fries... *salivate*

i was enjoying myself so much that at certain points i think i smiled to myself. i also called alvin to tell him about the husband-to-be story. heehee.



after lunch i met jade again, together with mikey for abit before he split to cathay and we headed down to chinatown. we needed belts, but no suitable buckle, and a sash, but no time to tailor... so... we got one ream of ribbon. kewl.

then we got lost trying to find the CK dept store. it was hilarious (kept making u-turns and crossing the road very unnecessarily) and i'm so glad jade was such a sport about it. when we FINALLY managed to find CK and the traditional-chinese-wares shop behind it... we were pooped. so we er, escaped to the nearest macs... OH WAIT TRADITIONAL DESSERT!

we didn't have traditional dessert though. we had one mango shaved ice and one mango pomelo sago, and a really long conversation. i think this is the first time... no, second time i've actually spoken to jade face to face. and since the first time i was still trying to get over the australian accent, i would say that this second conversation was a whole lot more comfortable. (and i had no australian accent... i hope i can blog about this australian accent incident soon).

when it was time to go i had to set my alarm to tell myself to stop talking, and get moving. as jade left I WAS SO SAD!!! AFTER THIS IT'S BACK TO "HELLO JADE!" ON MSN! :(

le sigh.

and then transformers 2 was the worst film i've watched in 3 years (because i can't really remember the shows i watched 4 years ago and further). oh my goodness. that's not even a plot. why are the jokes so... limp? WHY ARE THERE EVEN ACTORS??!?! THEY ARE USELESS. THE PLOT DOESN'T NEED THEM, THEY UTTER STUPID NONSENSICAL WORDS AND omg too many scenes of megan fox in various poses. FOR WHAT?

FOR WHAT??!?!?!

i wanted to leave the theatre everytime sam and i-dunno-how-to-spell-her-name-la were being all smouldery and stupid bantering about who should say i love u first.

go and die la.

UGH. SO ANGRY. WASTED MY TIME. GAH!!! even the transformers were stupid. starscream had an accuracy of zilch (HELLO THEY ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU SHOOT THEM U IDIOT WHERE ARE YOUR EYES - YOU HAVE NO EYES), weird transformers were introduced out of nowhere... after awhile i stopped caring. why? why bother to ask 'eh how did they get here? how did they... wait, what???'

why bother.

the best part for me was when i witnessed a goat leaping off a high wall. i sat up straight, pointed at the screen and gasped, 'WOW.' then the scene changed over to the rest of the movie and i slumped right back.

alvin's favourite scene was when a chicken attacked one of the soldiers.

he was asleep the rest of the time.

the amount of after-movie bitching from the 4 geeks i was with... they had a field day man. i just stormed off to the toilet and got mildly frightened by the auto hand-dryer coz it turned on right next to me while i was fuming/stoning about wasting almost 3 hours of my life. and as i was walking to the loo, alvin shouted, 'wait no, this is not the worst show i've seen in a year... TWILIGHT WAS WORSE!!!'

all in all it was still a very good day. well-spent with people whom i love. :)


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