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Friday, January 22, 2010

colour me pretty

i just bought more pigments from silk naturals!!!

i love them so much... i'm digging their extremely personable service, their very pigmented color
s, and it's so cheap for so much powder.

man... i ca
n't get enough of SN. *happy sigh*

and they sent everything direct from USA so i got everything in less than a week, thanks to Alvin who paid for it through paypal. :D

i know there are people who don't use mineral makeup because they usually come in loose powder form, so it gets all messy and you have to buy brushes etc. but really, once you have the tools, mineral makeup is fantastic coz it's so SOFT. and have i mentioned the colors are gorgeous! mmm, pigmented...

I LOVE DOING MY EYES (when i have time)!

what started out as a 'i need to get more of that Climax blush' became a full blown 6 E/S, 1 blush and 2 blush samplers purchase. i forget how it happened. *whistles*

here's what came in! *glee*

Blushes -

Climax (full sized)

i had the sample before i decided to get this in full sized. it's actually a NARS Org
asm clone. i use Climax for glam days and Tart Light for cute days - tart's pink tone opposes my new black hair fabulously. Climax is very light though, so i need to layer it on over and over... but it builds up very well. hmm, i guess wearing Tart is being girly, while having Climax on is when i need to be a lady.

this is Tart light. and it's AWESOME.

Flare and Stellar (samples)

i saw them, and had
to get them! Flare is for just for some coral pigment (i don't have any bright corals) experimentation. i got a bit of Stellar on my hand when i opened the jar to check its contents and some pigment fell out. i rubbed it and went WOAH STELLARRRRRRR.

i'm horribly excited now.

except i just found out the Killers aren't coming to Singapore anymore. tmd what Joy Ride? KILL JOY!!! :((((



anyways, here're my Eyeshadows:

Bon Voyage and Purrr (Stila Kitten Clone)



Dove (i think this one will be interesting)

i was sent free samples of Bubbly (an E/S) and Precious (lip gloss). no swatches online so i'll try them at home and let you know! =)


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