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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Homie - 98% complete

yesterday as i ran through our ID contract... i realized we really did a lot to Homie the past 1 year.

and we're not even
done. we're just gonna tweak the living room a little more, and then it's time to scrub Homie clean, wash the bedsheets and prepare to move in.


as quite a number of our friends are going through their home reno/design now, i thought it'd be good to go through what we've done over the past 1.5 years (we met our designers in Nov 2009), especially what went wrong.

also, been planning a blog post for Homie, since i promised Jade one and it hasn't happened yet hahaha. :p

so here goes.

Renovations: $46,500 for now, will end up around $48,000 after the variation order.
Furniture: $10,000

Electronics: $2,500 (missing: vacuum cleaner)
Home Theatre: $8,300



the bulk of works done was in the kitchen, where we rearranged the stove and installed a hood, tore out a wall, added a bar counter, shifted a giant cabinet, re-tiled the floor with ceramic planks and made good everything we yanked out of the walls (extension of cabinets and what not).



here's the light fixture we got our inspiration from:

and the ones we did at our bar counter:

we also removed the toilet and converted it into a clothes wash area - a kerb was built to raise our washing machine above water level in the washing area.

what we did wrong:
the barstools from the now-condemned I Wanna Go Home as the seat tore the first time we sat on them. they also gave us the wrong set of screws and it took me 4 months and a lot of screaming to get them to come down to fix it.

we also assumed that our designers will have the measurements done correctly - but mistakes can still be made. we had to shift our giant larder a few cm to the right to accommodate our fridge, and build an extra false wall to hang our glass door from. there was also something wrong with the bar counter at the start, but i have thankfully forgotten what it was that made me mad.



hardly any works done, except for a long settee-cum-shoe drawer which extended to a display shelf which aided the impression of dividing our giant main room into the living and dining areas, which then led to the TV console. I really love this piece of design.

also, a giant framed mirror was built to look like the dining table extended out from its base. the main draw in this area were the dining set and pendant lamp.

Here're the original pictures taken from their websites/shops:

i was drawn to the table because of its legs. not to mention the original price was 5k which dropped to 3k, and the glass is thick and solid. also, it's extendable to a 10 seater. awesome!

the chairs that originally came with the Italian Luigi table were $800 each. er. no thx.

so we went for the Louis ghost chairs from Kartell instead. buy the originals! the replicas suck. sit on them and you'll feel the difference.

oh, and what luck - we found a pendant lamp similar to the one in the Luigi ad! :D

here's how it turned out:



TV console was the on
ly thing we designed for. we also chose curtains, and the type of lighting. opted for a ceiling fan (get the kdk one, it's small and powerful). then we went mad with the buying of furniture hehe.

here're the originals from OM (sofa & sidetable):

and here's how it turned out - here's the settee leading to the console.

and the living room.

what we did wrong: the tv console was SO HARD TO DESIGN. we needed measurements for the amp and space needs to be allocated for shifting the amp into the console, neatening the wires and opening enough slots for wires. it was a nightmare. we redid our console twice.



this is my favorite part of Homie. the balcony was huge, spanning across the master bedroom
to the living room, which meant it had 2 entrances. so our fantastic designer read my mind and built us a picket fence to divide the area! we also designed the planter area to have flowering plants (i actually wanted something gearing towards english fields, but got tropical flowers instead. sigh.), and added a water feature.

what we did wrong: the balcony turned out to be the most complicated to get right. the water feature breaks down constantly, and we also have a fungal, ant, snail, spider and mosquito population now. the
plants also require watering every 2 days - poor alvin.

it also took us a very tiring 2 months to find outdoor furniture that was
right. although we managed to get everything down in the end, i never want to do this again.



most of the carpentry was done here - we made a writing desk, more cabinets, a king sized bed, a false wall and false ceiling niche, bookshelves and a new wardrobe for alvin. we also have wallpaper! :)

the MBR side of the balcony:

what we did wrong: mainly there was miscommunication between the designers left behind in SG and my main designer who had to fly off to Oman. so everything was done wrong, spacial concepts were all weird and the bed was off centre away from the TV niche. we put our foot down and got them to re-do everything. took some pushing, but it got done in the end.



all our accessories were found in Ikea ($1,600 wth) like the coffee t
able, giant canvas of the Flatiron Building, vases, cushions, tea-light lamps, wraps and table runner (which was re-used in the MBR, hehe). we also bought our cushions from Muji, and those green apples and flowers just for the shoot.

time for housewarming soon (although almost all of you have already been here to Rock Band/Dance Central/have cell meetings.) heehee.


other photos of Homie -




  • At Thursday, April 28, 2011 12:38:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said…

    pretty homie! :D Eh your place only has one bedroom? It looks pretty big!

  • At Thursday, April 28, 2011 9:00:00 AM, Blogger feline said…

    heyhey! nope Homie has 3 bedrooms but we only did serious works to one. the other two are undecided - either for children/guests or workspace. :D

  • At Tuesday, May 03, 2011 10:31:00 AM, Blogger Jade said…

    OMGOMGOMG!!! your homie is BEAUTIFUL! :D you've done such a great job with the space you had! :D can't wait to visit you guys whenever we get over there! :D

    i LOVE the way you've done the kitchen and white white white everywhere! classic :)

    your master bedroom looks quite big! :D love the colour coordination and the use of different textures for decorating! :D

  • At Thursday, May 12, 2011 3:51:00 PM, Blogger Summer-Joy said…

    Your house looks so good. I am green with envy, ahh! Why don't you consider being an interor designer, haha.

  • At Thursday, May 12, 2011 4:00:00 PM, Anonymous Serene said…

    Ur home looks like something out of a magazine!!!! Btw where did u get the white mental bench at the balcony?


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