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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Thursday, June 01, 2006

you begin to wonder why you came

i'd just gotten to know this girl who recently joined the children's club; her name's licia, and she's just six years old.

i called them (licia and her sis, lynette) for the first time at their home to let them know where the activities would be held tomorrow.

me: hi lynette! we're going to play frisbee at the fitness corner tomorrow; meeting at 630 yeah?
lynette: okay.

(background screaming: vivien?? is that vivien???? iwannatalktovivien!)

that was obviously licia. she decided i was 'very pretty' (along with cherie, 6) and 'very fun!!' at ashley and melissa's birthday party, while we were stuffing our bears.

[yes, we made bears: it was the take-home gift]

then licia had a sound module fitted into her bear's hand and she kept running to me, tugging my hand and asking me to press her bear's left paw.

'i love you! i love you!'

sigh. she's so adorable.

so the conversation continues...

me: hello licia!!!
licia: is this vivien? hello vivien... (you can practically hear her grinning) where are we going tomorrow?
me: oh we're going to the fitness corner!
licia: ... huh...?
me: erm, FIT-NESS COR-NER.
licia: cleanest corner? so the place is going to be very clean? (can hear her going all wide-eyed)
me: nono! hahaha! fitness corner!
licia: oh. ok, vivien! i play with u tomorrow vivien! :D

i love her to bits. such a bundle of joy!

... yes, i need loads of joy right now.



licia's mum just msged me to ask - 'hi vivien, can i know where's the cleaner's room in melville?'

omg. omg omg omg.



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