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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Big Bump

i brought my kids to the playground today because i had NO IDEA what to play for games, so i just decided they should be allowed to run around instead of being cramped up in a small room.

the playground is a booby trap i tell ya.

we were playing this game called 'crocodile', and i was trying to squeal and run away from 'it' when i did a quick turn and tried to crawl as quickly as possible into one of those plastic tunnels.

instead, i moved so quickly i didn't see it... and bashed my head into the plastic rim of the tunnel's opening.


my glasses fell off my nose and somehow the pair of nose rests landed in my nostrils. (no, i'm not kidding you.) i kept touching my head to feel if there was blood - i rammed into the rim that hard.

i just rolled into a ball, clutching my head while still on all fours, and that was how the kids found me 5 seconds later.

wow, their concern was amazing... but i could've mistaken it coz of all the 'wow, the lump is HUGE! eh everyone come and see!! so disgusting!!'

those sweet, sweet children.

yeah, but they were really cute about it. all the remedies of using ice and boiled eggs started spouting out of their mouths, and those who were no strangers to 'bah lu ku's were all talking, while nodding their head in a jaded fashion.

i've never hit my head this hard. the lump is now the size of a small egg, and somewhere at the side of it is a small dent tinted purple.

... i think i shall stay home with a boiled egg attached to my forehead on repeat rub-mode tomorrow. oww.


we went to meet the prof to talk over the project today. it was my first time in his office... I LOVE HIS OFFICE!! he ushered us in first, while he was going over some admin stuff outside his room.

once the door closed, there were exclaimations over:
1) a Harry Potter poster photoshopped to include all the dept of microbiology profs as cast members (hahaha)
2) similarly photoshopped posters of Star Wars II & III
3) a shelf full of various Star Wars figurines and other geek-boy stuff (this was painfully brought to my attention by the frantic tapping on my arm by geek-boy #2 next to me)
4) a huge R2-D2 figurine on my left (also brought to my attention by another round of frantic tapping and hyperventilation by geek-boy #2)

ok yes, i was pretty excited too. STAR WARS LEH!! R2 LEH!!!

there was a curious button on R2's belly. it wrote: 'demo'.

geek-boy #2: eh try la.

me: dowan la! later he come in how?? anyway, that button can press meh.

(starts feeling around R2's belly)

me (exclaims): oh yah! can press!!

geek-boy #2 (with a gleam in his eye): press la... try la...

me: hurhur. ok lor. *press*


me & geek-boy #2 (on panic mode): SHIT SHIT SHIT

i think my prof heard everything - he was just outside the door. but the R2 was so cute!! i... couldn't... resist...

conclusion: my prof's office = geek/fan-boy-dom.

i love that place. :D


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