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Monday, May 15, 2006

road trip! (sort of la.)

yay, i finally have time to sit down and write.

the JB trip was so GOOD. first of all, it's my first time there so i was being pretty suaku and rather excitable over the whole trip and all 'wow-we're-out-of-singapore' bright-eyed-ness. i loved it. and the trip over the causeway was so short, i missed it.

'huh? what? we passed the causeway already?? daaaamn.'

so it was just nel, grid and i for the first part of the day. strode into city square... and the first stop was F.O.S.! except that there was nothing to buy; it wasn't exactly cheap. so we continued down the stairs... lo, and behold!!


yes, everything was on sale at the Padini concept store... and it's a whopping 50-70% off. all 3 of us bought the same pair of red heels - it's only $12+ in sg dollars!! then we went on, got a few other tops and stuff (all soooo cheap; it's mad!). we couldn't stop exclaiming stuff like: 'argh!!! sale!!! vincci!!!!' or 'arghh!!! they have ebase!!! sale!!' and 'THEIR CAKES ARE SO CHEAP!!!'


i loved it. we ate SO MUCH. had stop-overs at secret recipe, all the small stalls lining the place, some dessert stall, and after ALL the food, guess what we found?

a thai massage parlour.

by that time aileen had joined us already, and the girls paid for my half-body massage... so we all went for it.

and wah piang eh, damn pain la.

i staggered out of the room after the back-breaking session. i guess you really ought to go to thailand for a thai massage. ah well. try mah, it was my first time heehee. it was fun though; i had no idea i was that flexible.

then after we all survived the massage, aileen and grid's pal, louis, who was a JB-ian came along in his jeep and drove us around to have seafood... $15 sg for:

1. 3 crabs
2. stingray
3. sugarcane juice
4. lala
5. hotplate tofu
6. sambal kangkong
7. i think there was more but i can't seem to remember... *shrug*

happiness!! so much food!! but i think i've got to start to detox for about 2 weeks after all the food tours (east, chinatown and jb). bleurrrggghhh.

after dinner they wanted some ice-cream (not me, i was STUFFED.) so we headed down to Jusco, which is apparently a hypermart like carrefour/giant. thing was, we had no idea it was so far away. it was a fun trip there though, coz we kept going: 'are we there yet?' and aileen was a ball of laughter - i almost puked coz the food was up to my throat while laughing non-stop.

aileen: wow, they have 'Harris'!!

louis (impressed): eh? you know about 'Harris' ah??

aileen: huh? er, no... got the sign on the building ma.

all of us: ??!!?!?!?!??!?!!!

(Harris is like sg's Popular... so i heard la.)

by the time we walked through Jusco and had our Snow Ice, it was 11pm. so we rushed back to sg, just in time to catch our merts and go home.

by the way, the bus ride across the causway is only 80cents! and back home was only 80cents RM!!!!

i wanna go back again.


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