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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Thursday, July 20, 2006

in good company

pirates was good! and who said the ending sucked??? *bish*


and stay till the end of the credits, kplsthx. (i have learnt you should always stay till the end of the credits.)

wah... it was such a fun ride. it's not perfect, but just lemme gush about HOW GOOD JOHNNY DEPP IS!! he's hilarious! and so so weird.

kiera knightley gets really bad angles. am doubtful about how pretty she really is now.

i'm the worst movie critic ever. i have run out of things to say. ah well. but, pirates!!


i wanna watch it again to catch all the puns i missed. *cheshire grin*

it wasn't just the movie, but the company was good! we all just kept laughing and laughing, and it felt especially good hanging out with...


sidetrack: i have decided not to name names anymore, but i'll just use nicknames like angel (ok, this is the last name i'll ever write) does. see if you know who's who, i guess.


... ah gua qia again! all of us were sitting at carl's junior after the movie with AGQ and i sitting at the end of the table. conversation was rife at the other end when AGQ turned to me and asked, 'eh, don't you feel left out of that conversation? there's a lack of one here.'

i gave a 'doesn't matter' shrug and said, 'but there's food here.' and obviously we felt the same when we nodded vigorously and continued stuffing our faces in silence. ah, nice comfortable munchy silence (while grinning, i don't know how we managed that).

i don't know, but it felt weird for awhile after the whole debacle a few months back, and i was tentative about whether this friendship will still hold, but there was proof of camaraderie when...

subway, which was opposite carl's, was nearing its closing time when they started to play really loud techno.

AGQ: EEYUR. eh it's your kinda music leh! eurodance. haha.
me: what! i'm not ah-lian ok! and i enjoy the likes of KYLIE, DANII and MADONNA. not teh-no.
AGQ: yeah, but their music comes from this!!
me: no lor! it's different! it's euro... erm, pop.
AGQ: HAHAHA! rubbish! (implies that my taste in music sucks big time)

techno music continues to blare... *diu-diu-diu*

me: eh, why are you bopping?
AGQ: oh, i like this song.


me: yucks man! it's techno!! eeyur!

'baby, you're gonna drive me crazy...'

me: *gasp* ... eh, i like this song too!!

both of us start laughing our heads off, wait a couple of seconds for the chorus, and start bopping and shaking our heads to the beat.

ah, good stupid fun. that's what i like best.



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