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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, September 30, 2007

hi y'all!

wow i haven't blogged in more than 2 weeks!

and it's not because i've been working my ass off...

it's more due to

1. watching taiwanese dramas
(thanks to chuuling!!! grr.)

2. erm, messing around with facebook
((fluff)friends, trivia... trivia... MORE trivia... and taunting lennel at the music challenge, heh heh; superpoke, vampire attacks, food fights etc. wah liao... i am sibei bo-liao. D: )

3. catching up with Heroes and How I Met Your Mother

4. and pretty much having birthday celebrations and doing fun stuff for 2 weeks straight (KTV, free salsa classes, watching dance auditions, and movies! and having great food!! XD)

it's insanity!! and i have loads to update (it's for my own keeping too) so i'll split them all up into separate posts.


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