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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, November 25, 2007

i can't be more exhausted than this.

i've just spent the entire day out (after sleeping only 6 hours - it really ain't enough) and it's taken its toll on me... but i also can't be more satisfied.

i completed my experiment in the morning.

had a good (fast) lunch before heading down for dance class. the ma la mian at dover is so HAWT, it'll kick you in the gut and leave you bleeding.

had an intense session during dance (i sucked! totally off form; most prob coz my energy was running low already) but OH WELL IT WAS STILL FUN.

and the major high point was... i met my girlfriends!

sans angel dearest and we did miss her so. :(

we met at little india and to walk to this french place mel was talking about. she hasn't been there... and i kinda suspected that it was the one i've gone to before, eons ago, with the xu family. but i didn't recall it was in little india??? i only remembered it was opposite a whole row of pet shops with huge 'EUKANUBA' signs.

on the way there, xinwei was being rather... *ahem* whiny about... *ahem*... OK NEVER MIND OR ELSE LATER SHE END UP GETTING FRISKED/FLAMED ONLINE.

and then once (just once) when we walked past all the shops and this indian lady (very friendly) tried to pass me a pamphlet, as i politely declined, i felt inclined to do the indian thing and wobble my head while saying 'no'.

OH NOES. IS IT RUDE?? I THINK IT IS!!!! *mortified*

i'm sorry, it just came so naturally. i stopped myself mid-wobble though, after being all appalled at my natural tendencies. sheesh!

xinwei just laughed and mel 'tsk'-ed me. eep.

SO. we finally reached the french stall. i'm serious. it's called The French Stall. and it IS the same place where i had fantastic salmon + spinach!

YAY!!! i was delirious with mouth-watering excitement. i had to wipe my mouth and contain myself.

i ordered the same thing, but this time in a 3-course set.

see what we ate! vertically (xinwei's, mel's, mine) horizontally (starters, main, dessert):

hur. xinwei wanted to hit me for not allowing her to eat until the picture's taken. :P

i felt that the best starter was the chicken pate (mel's), best main was steamed dory with mashed potato (also mel's), though i really have to mention xinwei's potato-lasagne thingie of a side dish was pretty darn good too, and the best dessert was the special dark choc cake (mine).

it's a sponge cake, but it melts in your mouth. i have no idea how they did it, it just is.

mel's dessert was a profiterole which was damn huge. we had teeny teaspoons. she had a SOUP SPOON. hahahaha!

my main course was a letdown. it just didn't taste so good anymore... the spinach was different. in my mind, i remember it being cooked differently... maybe i was wrong. maybe food just tastes better when you're not paying for it. heehee.

since i had my cam, we took more shots!

and this is for you, xinwei.


we wanted drinks, so we headed down to No. 5 at emerald place.

i was like, hey we take a bus la.

mel looks at me like i'm nuts, so i respond, 'what?? u guys wanna walk?! it's damn farrr!'

she responded by sticking out her hand imperiously and immediately a taxi screeched to a halt.


they both roll their eyes.

as we hit orchard road, xinwei was commenting that the lights were really pretty this year. i looked out of the cab window, gave a hiccup of joy? excitement? and whipped out my camera.


then i had a little daiquiri that escalated my fatigue and made me bid my girlfriends farewell too early! seriously guys, i was really having a very good time but i need to sleep..............

next sat ok? zouk? butter? lemme know.


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