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Sunday, January 13, 2008

xbox 360 and guitar hero III: the full story

so, remember the day from eons ago when my boss gave us a half day off to get christmas decorations?

to cut the long trip short, we ended up leaving takashimaya square with $100 worth of christmas decorations, pictures of a few soft toys, something for emmanuel and my christmas presents - it is definitely one of the best presents i've gotten to date. (will explain in another post)

here're the pictures:

after the intense expenditure of money, we went to gai-gai. somehow, we ended up at the sony shop and glanced past their ps3 on display.

guess which game was for sampling?

of course it was guitar hero III!

as alvin recalls, "that was the straw that broke the camel's back".

we trooped in (it's not easy for us to ignore the Gibson model that was placed there prettily, waiting for someone to pick it up and rock out on it) and alvin checked out the song list.

'OOH OOH! THE KILLERS!! WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG!!' i smacked him in a frenzy of excitement.

alright then, i fell in love with the song. it became THE guitar hero III song for me in that instant.


backtrack: since the day greg brought his xbox over to my place for a guitar hero I party, i was hooked.

and i had a guitar hero I song - 'take me out' by franz ferdinand.

good grief, i did love playing it, but never even made it to the 'medium' level; i could barely handle green, red and yellow.

and this hereby explains my idea of a Guitar Hero song.


after alvin was done, i wanted to try.

i bombed. and i was quite mortified because it's not like we're playing in a private room - there were customers casting looks at our direction. *blush*

they quickly walked away in an attempt to try not to embarrass me when the sign 'FAILED' came out. *wail*

oh well.

this was us at the sony shop:

you can almost imagine my *squint* '??!??!' face, can't you? hahaha!!


fast forward one week later: i got my 13th month bonus and i was psyched. alvin also just received his pay, which was quite a sum since they'd forgot to pay him the previous month, heeheehee.

i was happily thinking about what i should get for myself when the restrains of The Killers played from some deep corner of my mind.

i turned to alvin, 'eh. let's go get the xbox tonight.'

alvin --> XD!!!

and so we did.

it was all very simple. after work, we got all excited and made our way to gamescore (with the hugest grins on our faces), and checked out the price.


we decided on an xbox coz the main point was actually to get ROCK BAND (which has different set lists not just for a guitarist, but a bassist, drummer and vocalist too!! how fun is that??!?!?! i envision rock band parties. whee!!). but RB was coming later, so we'd get GH III since GH's guitar can be recognized by the xbox version of RB, but not the PS3's version. geddit?

heh. it took me awhile too. but RB's not coming anymore and i am quite sad, but how would we have known? i'm praying EA will bring the xbox version of RB here, please please please. THEY HAVE 'WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG' TOO!! and the full set list too. :(



we decided to get an xbox, GH II and GH III (so we can have two guitars and play co-op/battle each other). it came up to almost $1000. and we decided to pay in cash.

it was a nerve-wracking trip to posb and back.

then we bought them all and they belongs to us wahahahahahaha!!!!

alvin set it up quickly.


... ...

and then in my excitement, i kicked it over.

we were both severely traumatized; alvin gave a little scream of fright.

oops. :P

and so i started playing while alvin started setting up the other guitar and the xbox live feature.

whee!! i could play! somehow in the midst of not playing for 2 years plus, and bombing out at wisma-sony, i could suddenly ace the easy mode of most songs!! i even battled alvin and came off not that badly!! heehee.

what a miracle.


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