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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Thursday, March 06, 2008


i have one hour to kill, before i make my next smear, so i might as well blog ALL the backlogged posts in my head.


i think this is very funny.

it's true. all the expert tunes seem as if the guitarist was suffering from SUDDEN EXTREME SPASMS.


last weekend, before alvin and i had to return to school to harvest our cultures, we had 2 hours to kill while at his place so we took out Khet to try and have a go at it.

it's me versus the GEP boy who's played chess before. seriously, i thought the outcome would be pretty obvy... like, duh, right?

so i kept saying, 'dear ah, don't laugh at me okay... i'm not very good at this... anyhow play la ok? LOOK THE LASERS ARE SO KICKASS WAHHHHHHHH... *_*'

but apparently...

i am the QUEEN OF KHET. *manic laughter*

game #1 (imhotep layout):

his move, my move (yay i killed one of your... WHAT THE??!?! I'M RED??!?! NOOOOOO), his move, my move , his move, my... oh hai alvin your pharaoh's dead.


it was a good dinner. alvin kept pouting while i kept glancing at him over my soup and laughing in spurts (was trying to control myself, hehe.) the whole thing about me killing my own pawn by sheer stupidity was completely forgotten after my 'crushing-alvin-in-4-steps-muahahahaha'

game #2 (classic layout):

this one took a little longer. i started to say, 'hey you do know the first game was a complete accident right? relax la, i'm sure to lose now that you're thinking so hard.' but alvin absolutely refused to listen to me coz he thought it's all a ploy to make him feel secure, hahahahahaha.

fast-forward to the ending; alvin suddenly exclaims 'WAH YOU GOOD! trap me??!?!?!'

i was totally clueless. 'what? where?'

he shoots me the >_> look, then ignores me and stares long and hard at the board. i stare too... then i see it.

gosh, i did trap him. but it was such a ridiculous moment of unintentional smartness that i couldn't help but giggle again.

alvin was not too amused. he really tried very hard. awww... *sayang*

ok la, i don't say already, later he refuse to play Khet with me anymore. :p

but it was so funny!! hehehehe. his extended family was there watching too. heeheehee.



and yes, i finally blog about this.

you see, i'd wanted to post a longer post talking about our cell group's x'mas dinner, who came, our fun pictures, little red riding hood wannabes... but eventually, the highlight is still this -


it all started when he insulted ingrid and aileen... so we started off with junliang's choice of song (it's one of his mambo songs ahahaha). when we jerk, we're actually trying to attack each other by zapping stuff at each other's screens.

(forgive my rather tomboyish display when i win... i am creepy like that. it'll serve you better to just be entertained by jun. he's super animated once he slings on that plastic guitar, haha!)


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