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Sunday, February 24, 2008

my nerd fetish

i'd just put up pictures on my facebook, and the one tagline i'd written stuck with me.

it was for one of the pictures showing david, weiyi and i turning into ACS, and i tagged it 'ahh... the school where all my boyfriends are from.'

which made me think about the guys i've dated. there's a trend...

i like NERDS. i like guys who can think, who're smart, and just a bit socially awkward. i've never been attracted to drop-dead gorgeous guys - i see them and run the other way.

so i kinda moved on from guys whom i thought were nerds, to 50% nerds, to an almost nerd, and ending up with A FULL BLOWN NERD.

i like my full-blown nerd. i like analyzing him and watching how he does things in weird ways (though it makes me want to strangle him sometimes)... hey, to each her own ok.

which also leads to this - alvin just sent me a link.

i think he's trying to tell me something.

The Nerd Handbook


The Next High

As you discovered when you were the project, your nerd’s focus can be deliciously overwhelming, but it will stop. Once a nerd believe he fully knows how a system works, the challenge to understand ceases to exist and he moves on in search of The Next High.

While I don’t know who you are or why in the world you chose a nerd for your companion, I do know that you are not a knowable system. I know that you are messy, just like your nerd. Being your own quirky self will be more than enough to present new and interesting challenges to your nerd.

Besides, it’s just as much a nerd’s job to figure you out and maybe someone somewhere is writing an article about your particular quirks. Good news, he’s probably reading it right now.


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