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Thursday, May 15, 2008

'your flashback to the 90s'

watching vh1's 'i love the 90s' and it's makes me feel so...

poignant? wistful? ah, the right word has escaped me.

they played jennifer paige's 'crush', billie myers 'kiss the rain' (i love, love, love this song so! and so does alvin :D), eagle eye cherry's 'save tonight' (oh, seriously good stuff), cornershop's 'brimful of asha' (i used to hate this song, but i was squealing in recognition to the starting strums)

and then they had...


omg this was the song that completed the playlist.

three songs that i truly loved (at that time), one song that i absolutely detested, and then the one song that defined my secondary school days.

it was sec 4; the teachers' day performance was coming right up and i really, really, wanted to dance (coz in sec 2 we didn't get through). then me and mel caught the teen-flick (no, they weren't called chick flicks yet) 'She's All That' and they had this dance-scene which was




did u see that?? it's so retro... BUT IT'S FATBOY SLIM!! and they're dancing in heels, and in friggin' prom dresses.

*slackened jaw*

ok of course by now i KNOW it can be done, but young impressionable me was floored. at that point in the movie, i just turned to mel and said, 'we've got to do this...'

eventually, my class had not one, but TWO dance groups performing for teacher's day, and our genres were different so we had a really, really great response from the crowd.

they did their korean dance moves which were so flawless i was shocked, coz the dancers were this really quiet group in my class. it was then i realized that the one true reason why they clicked was because of korean songs... WOW.

when it was our group's turn... *happy sigh*

here're the pictures:

we're all so hot with our baggy pants, yeahhh...

our ending move.

i don't have a video though. the one and only girl who video-ed the performance erased it coz i took so long to get the tape (yeah, TAPE) from her.

oh well. good stuff though... probably my fondest memory of sec 4. :D


edit: ok paula abdul's dancing now... hmm. time to sleep.


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