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Thursday, May 08, 2008

online shopping + vivien = SPREE, HEHEHE!!!

"hi, everyone. my name is vivien."

*imaginary chorus of 'hi, vivien!'*

"i buy a lot of clothes online every month and i'm not ashamed to say that i'm an online shopaholic."

1. David and Goliath (just arrived today, YAY!!!!!)
gosh these shirts are so CUTE, and the skirt i bought is so pretty (thank goodness i guessed my size right!)

2. forever21:
oh i bought tons of stuff already, skinny jeans, vests, dresses... this time i got shorts! and hairbands! *glee*

3. let's not forget the dresses from bangkok:

4. la senza
(ok no pictures... i have the membership card which entitles me to a discount but it can't beat the 3 for $39 bras man. SERIOUSLY.)

5. and most of all, TAIWAN AUCTIONS (incredibly cheap can????? one item is about $8 excl shipping):

yep. this is all i've bought in a MONTH.

online shopping is something i really enjoy, but i think i've got to cut down soon.
it's fast becoming an addiction... though alvin and chuuling (who sit next to me at work and can see everything that goes on on my comp) would beg to differ.

thinking back, i don't think i've failed to buy something online at least twice a month. and mind you, i never just buy one item... i buy a few.

*sigh* i think i go crazy because the brands coming in from the US are so much cheaper!! and then the taiwan stuff are so cheap... but the quality can suck, so you have to be really careful. and the bangkok dresses are just so well marketed!!

boo-hoo, i can't stop. but i'd really rather shop online than go to bugis (WHERE YOU CAN'T TRY MOST OF THEIR STUFF ANYWAY GRRR).

online is cheaper!!!!


  • At Friday, May 09, 2008 11:30:00 AM, Blogger Jade said…

    O_O you must teach me your ways oh master hahah :D this grasshopper doesn't know how to online shop! >< or rather i'm too scared to buy anything clothes related in case i get wrong size :(


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