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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

last week was A BLAST!!

The Forbidden Kingdom is such a crappy fantastic movie i'd LOVE to watch it again. lame jokes, martial arts cliches, and weird flying stances? we were definitely in for the laughs!!!!

it is SO CORNY; everyone who grew up on Jackie Chan and Jet Li should go watch it. it didn't help when we were in Jack's car and the intro to the really retro Monkey King series suddenly blasted from the radio.

awww the fond cheena memories... :)

celebrated ChuuLing's 25th birthday!! which was actually on Monday.

egads, it was one expensive lunch.


it was the first time i've ever been to dempsey.
don't blame me la... no car, and it's so out of the way. man, i hate cabbing home... thank goodness xinwei had a $5 comfort cab voucher (i never even knew there was such a thing)

celebrated angel's 25th birthday!

oh the night sky that day was so GORGEOUS, i couldn't resist taking a few shots. at this point, i still had no idea how to adjust my ISO. across the overhead bridge to dempsey

walking out from ben and jerry's (yes, hi jolene! hehe.)

had some much-needed rest, in preparation for.....


ok this was one intense day. i had to plan games for the children (it's games day) AND plan for candice's birthday.

it started out with 'hey let's go to ktv, it's been too long!'. then everything snowballed and resulted in a 'let's get everyone together to celebrate candice's birthday overnight from friday to saturday morning in a KTV room!'

games day with the children was a disaster. sigh... these kids... i realize there is some pattern to their behaviour; every 3 months they're in for a scolding.

after cell group at melville park which ended at 10pm, aileen, alvin and i zipped down to suntec by 11pm to meet the rest (jobyna, junliang, ingrid and CANCAAAAAAN)

and kbox gave us their largest room...
with a podium. XD!!!!

and from the pictures below, i think you can see for yourself how we all went mad. we have videos too, but i think it's... um... hahaha.

yes, and i only selected these few photos out of 91 photos. hahaha... thanks to junliang the cam-'ella' man. *snigger*

saturday and sunday:
fell sick, lost my voice, couldn't walk properly, but i learnt how to adjust the ISO of my fujifuji!


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