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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Friday, September 12, 2008

my most expensive dress yet (i love it i love it!!)

i took my off-in-lieu (national day's leave) last thursday with alvin. it was SUCH a great day to relax; the weather was breezy and we got our hair trimmed in time for yy's wedding and walked all the way to aston's for lunch and had really good cheesecake at katong for dessert.

after walking back to parkway to check out the banks' interest rates (did you know almost every single bank in singapore has a branch at Parkway? i really want to stay in Marine Parade now. it's so convenient!) we went for a bit of shopping.

just as we were nearing Topshop, i was commenting to alvin that i should go ahead and get the Topshop card since i really love their stuff.

alvin: how much to get the card?
me: you must buy $150 worth i think?
alvin: *sputters*
me: oh please, just get one dress and you'd hit $150 already.
alvin: *sputters even more* ONE dress??!?!
me: yar, it's Topshop what. but i would really PAY if i see something gorgeous.

we stepped into Topshop. alvin started going around and picking randomly weird looking items and waving at me to try them on.

my response to every single one was a raised eyebrow and me mouthing, 'N-O.'

then he picked up a really short tunic/dress (?) that was TOO GREEN. he waved it in the air with a super large grin.

'NOOO-O.' *rolls eyes*

i turned back to that black top clutched in my hand. half of my brain was going, 'hmm this cutting will not flatter me.' while the other half went back and thought about that odd looking green thing alvin picked up.

it was beginning to grow on me. i started imagining how it'd look, and how i always get drawn to rather inconventional pieces. well, the green is REALLY bright, wonder if i can carry it off... where can i wear it to...?

i wandered over to the green dress (alvin's still browsing for weird stuff, sigh) and picked it up. alvin noticed and came over, 'eh i really thought this was nice leh.'

'oh haha i thought u were still being retarded! sorry.'

alvin: -_-"' so are u going to try it?
me: why not? i like trying weird stuff. :D

half an hour later (and $146 poorer)...



size 8 somemore! YAY!! jogging is workinggg!!!

man i really love the dress. seeing it again makes me smile.


alas, my joy did not last long.

on monday i was looking through forever21 when i saw something that made my head wail and scream 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'

i would've yelled and bashed my head in if i wasn't at the office. :(


i saw this:

bleh. selling for USD24.60. i think i will buy this too. the black is nice. skirt is also less poufy so i can wear it for erm, less flamboyant functions.


and while looking for pictures of my green dress, i found the red version!!

it should be appearing in singapore soon.

jade, you want? :D

we can go around like christmas decorations when you come!

inside joke: eh... the skirt is shaped like a dumpling... ... hahaha! :)


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