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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the sudden escape (we made it!)

remember alvin and my failed attempt to go to escape theme park in may? we were leaving work last saturday when i suddenly decided we should go to escape theme park instead of going back to his place and catching up on all the tv shows we've been missing out on. coz we had free tickets, yay! i don't even know who blessed us with those. thank you! :DD

so the two of us dragged ourselves all the way to pasir ris, catching a nap on the 45 minute train ride down. alvin was being extremely hilarious as usual, and i was pretty excitable so i was easily amused. it was a great start, both of us laughing at everything, especially when we reached white sands and alvin couldn't get his ice cream.

he started by queuing at macs, but the queue was just taking too long, so he jumped over to ben and jerry's - which had an even longer queue; we headed back to macs. the queue still hasn't moved an inch and alvin started to fret. he was going to head back to b&j's when i laughed and demanded, 'eh wassup with you??!'


aiyoh, so petulant that face. *grin*

we moved away from the ice cream counter and into the main food queues which was so much faster (yeah, i really should've thought of this earlier, but i was kinda distracted with how alvin was behaving - which was just really damn cute, hahaha)...

and then i ordered the wrong ice cream for him.

'what's this?'
'berry mcflurry.'
'ah, crap. *laughs* i thought u wanted berries! u like berries! sorry dear!!!'

but it was all good. *phew* see, he did like berries!! (though it was more like a splotch of jam mixed in plain mcflurry) :D

then i insisted we take bus 12 to downtown east because 'i'm sure it goes there! so why take another bus?'

'eh but there's a bus that says downtown east... wanna try asking?'

'he's letting passengers alight dear...'

'that's true. ah, okay.'

when bus 12 FINALLY came, we sat down... then got off 2 stops later.

me: what the! we're here??!?! eh... we could've walked...
alvin: good grief, that's what i kept trying to tell you!
me: got meh? erm, anyway it's very hot la, hahaha.
me: heh heh. heh heh.
alvin: -______-

we walked in... and got lost. we saw wild wild wet, and that resort place... but... where on earth is escape theme park??!?!

after trying our luck walking back and forth, we finally decided to leave the shade and cut through the carpark in the sun - AH THERE IT IS. ahhahahahahaha we're so stupid hahahaha...

after dumping our bags in the lockers, we strode in and alvin laughed his head off.

'wah lau eh! hahahaha fail man! all the rides so fail!!!' he was comparing it to six flags, which is by far the best amusement park he's been to. i just laughed and told him to give the place a chance.

you see, it's great that we both love amusement parks because escape was seriously so tiny and had so few good rides that u really need a lot of love in order to enjoy your time there. alvin decided for us that we should milk the rides for all they're worth, and i happily agreed.

our first ride: the tiny roller coaster -


check out our shiny happy faces! we were seating riiiiiight at the last carriage, so to have maximum fun we both faced the tracks behind so we won't be able to see when our turns were coming. i tried but i was so gleeful and excitable i started giggling uncontrollably and had to shift my body forward to laugh properly. man, it was so funny - everyone in the queue must've been weirded out by our bizarre method.

next: the space invader/galaxy back drop ride


oh my goodness so boring, really. REALLY.


after this we put the camera back in the locker because we wanted to take the flume!!!! YAY!!! 15m drop, woohoo!!! on the way up alvin started to yell like a banshee, 'no NOOOOO I'M SCARED NOOOOOO OH NO WHY AM I DOING THIS! HELP!!!! HELPPPP!!!'

i turned around and raised my eyebrows. alvin shut his mouth and gave me his scared face. like real you're afraid. his lips trembled... then he started yelling for help again. i gave up, turned around, and gave the cctv camera a happy wave, then DOWWWWWWWWWWWN WE FLEW!!!

and we totally planned this:




oh oh!! we also took the inverter and i was so scared that i clenched my feet to make sure my shoes wouldn't fly off and had an iron grip on the seat handle and alvin's hand. i yelled all the way while alvin bellowed. haha! it was shudderific.

the last ride was the go-kart which was definitely the highlight of escape. we queued for the beginners track first... then i realized hey the carts are two seaters! i turned to alvin, 'hey can you sit with me? you'll have the chance to torment me back after all the times i've been a passenger seat driver. hahahahaha.'

i was rather disappointed because the go kart peeps let the ang moh family go first; i was third on the release. bleh. but once the lady gave me the green light, alvin shouted, 'GO GO GO!!!' while i stamped my feet hard on the gas. i almost flew out of the car because there was a sharp turn right after the grid and i swerved wildly. both of us remained unnerved, and alvin continued egging me on while i put on my psycho game face on with one aim - to catch up with the ang mohs who took pole position when it was rightfully mine@!!@!! grahhhh!!!

the tires squealed up the slope while i laughed like a maniac, blatantly ignoring the 'no racing; no bumping' notices that had flashed over the safety video. alvin kept shouting, 'faster faster! eh eh there they are!!!'

i think i really drove like a psycho, full throttle most of the time until i caught up with the first car. then i did something terrible. i tried to cut him on the inside, but my kart scraped the sides so i lost a little control (eh no power steering la) AND BUMPED INTO THE SIDE OF THE 2ND KART WHERE HIS KID WAS SITTING.

i really felt bad. really.

but once i yelled sorry, alvin was completely oblivious and kept me going by shouting and shouting. he's INSANE i tell you.

we never caught up with the 1st car coz alvin reasoned: he had too much of a lead, and he had no passenger.

which reminds me: when both of us settled into the kart, alvin totally squashed me to a corner. i laughed so hard coz he was so cramped and looked so poor thing while i had to lean a little out of the kart to give him some shoulder space; he was so big in such a little car. i couldn't steer properly half the time coz my elbows were pinned to my sides HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! alvin just looked sad :(


anyway, once the beginners track was done, we headed towards the actual track. with my reckless driving i crashed into one guy as i flew down the steep slope and gave alvin an opening to cut me. BLEH. then i couldn't catch up anymore coz he was really good at the curly fries slopes while i struggled to keep my tired arms in place just to turn properly.

gosh go-karting was super awesome man. hehehe.

by then the park was going to close, and we took a couple more rides on the roller coaster and inverter before we left. my entire body was aching by then, and i could hardly walk. but it was such a great day!




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