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Friday, September 26, 2008

i'd rather be one of the guys, thanks.

i think i am a rather manly chick.

jack, wai liong and i were on our way to the singapore flyer when it suddenly hit me (floodlights and all) how cool/awesome/stunning/grand/immense the F1 track was.

for those who don't know, the F1 Grand Prix will be held in Singapore this entire weekend. and it's a night race; FIRST EVER. *rocks out*

every step i took, my adrenaline increased significantly. the guys could tell because it correlated to the number of squeals i made at every turn. good thing wai was pretty stoked too (he's got a hidden beng streak in him - i couldn't tell! he secretly aspires to have one of those Fast and Furious cars. woah.) so i didn't seem like such a freak.

i got so excited by everything that i caught my walk on alvin's camera (THANK GOD I BROUGHT IT ALONG)...

we were walking past the NDP floating platform when i saw CARS!!! porsches and astons *drool* i crept in to take these shots.




i had to beg the marshall to grab this shot of these astons, haha. :D


the gorgeous s-turn; i'd LOVE to stand right here during the race



extra: i don't follow F1, and am absolutely not a fan. i only know the reaaaally basic facts of it. i hate watching it on TV; tried it once and gave up coz there were just TOO MANY ROUNDS. it wasn't even a street race i think... just a regular circuit.

but the thought of listening to those incredibly powerful engines roaring with screeching tires gets my adrenaline all up. for me, it's about seeing the cars (i like cars, thanks to daddy dearest who provided an extensive knowledge of cars from primary 5 to JC; when we sold our beloved purple volkswagon, we lost our knowledge as well), watching them perform, and the atmosphere. that is surely priceless. (and not like watching on tv at all)

oh my goodness i can't wait.


when we reached the flyer, guess what?

there was an entire row of show-sports-cars... and among them a Lotus! XD


but it's only an Exige... oh well, the Exige will have to do for now. dear Elise, i don't see you on the roads anymore and i miss you and your winged doors!! :(

the twin Lambos



wai's favourite (looks like one of those lime-cream ice creams, doesn't it?)


jack and pete's birthday treat was so filling. we had seafood at seafood paradise, same one we had in defu lane... but this time, alanna's hands were free to take a picture of the crab 'lollipop'!!


i was speechless when i bit into the entire pincer.

so. good.

oh, when we arrived at the restaurant, my F1 fever wasn't curbed yet (it only stopped when the crabs arrived hurhurhur). i fussily chose the seat facing the track (yeah we could see the track from our table, how great was that!) which was fantastic because within minutes, the race organizers were sending test drivers to test the track.

once i heard the first growl, i perked up from the plate of complimentary nuts i was staring at, and my huge grin was switched on full blast. i looked around, but nobody was really distracted by the track happenings but me.

no matter; i grabbed alvin's cam and shot out of my chair. and then i saw my first speeding car on the track. oh it was so beautiful, that Mercedes zooming down the lane. i didn't even bother turning on the camera... i was just reveling in the noise and speed. *ahhhhhh*

i tried taking a picture of the second merz that came shooting by but i was too slow, so it was just a streak of orange (its headlamp). soon after, alvin came to join me and adjusted his camera's settings: check out the multiple frame shots! :)





after we were done with dinner, we walked out and i really, really wanted to go try and see more of the track. actually we should've gone to see the pit stop at the flyer but somehow i totally forgot... coz i was distracted by an opening into the track in front of us.

*gasp* WE CAN GO IN!

we all went in. amidst my half-crazed excitement, we took these shots:




after which we left the track from another opening... we'd wanted to stroll the entire track but i was afraid they might not have another exit/entrance, so we canned the idea.

10m later, there was no opening but hey, there're people on this part of the track too!! this time i didn't hesitate. carrie and i climbed over the barricade in our dresses (yeah man! carrie was in heels too!) and joined the rest of the people taking pictures on the track. it was great!!

until 2 metres down we saw an opening which was wide and had no barricade. DUH.




we were just done taking this shot when someone (i think it might've been greg) exclaimed, 'SHIT IT'S LEWIS HAMILTON'

:O!!!!!!!!!! IT'S HIM! WHAT THE... *brain fails to function, adrenaline shoots into overload*


he walked right past us with his entourage, they could be mclaren racers or his minders, i don't know but GOSH HE WALKED SO CLOSE!

that was so cool!!! coz we've been hanging out on the track for the longest time and they're the only team we met. how lucky are we?! i was SO SO GLAD i held out and kept wanting to stay on the track (i was excited about everything).

i totally regret not taking a picture with him... but nobody else was either. strange. i managed a strangled high pitched 'HI!' though. i waved, he waved back. :D:D:D

now... does anybody have a grand stand ticket for sunday? pretty please? i do love racing so!


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