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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Friday, July 03, 2009

the first time.

somehow circumstances made alvin and i combine our cell groups today... for the first time ever!

my lesson was how to have a heart for God and i had a low attendance so i invited alvin and his cell to join us so we could make up a good number. i also felt that the lesson plan could be applicable; forgot to ask alvin what he'd planned to talk to them about actually. hehe. i found out later.

so we got together in the room and did awkwardness away with a game of heart attack! i looked around the room and saw the same kids that were here in my first day at melville... jonathan, ryan, melissa, ashley and natalie - fast forwarded 4 years and here they all are, grown up.
that really made me smile.

and my word, it was a great session!

again, i felt God guiding my thoughts and my words; worship was sung beautifully (i really ought to get my guitar skills going) and when we got to word, my heart was absolutely bursting with happiness and pride when everyone opened up and shared. a little shy still, but it's a huge start.

having alvin there calmed my nerves... he's really good at plugging my sentences and thoughts! when i'd finished the lesson, he mentioned another dimension to what i was saying... which was actually something i'd forgotten to mention. he didn't know that of course.

also, at the end of cell (my girls and his boys both thought it was a positive change! yay thank God for none of that awkwardness) alvin told me his original plan was actually to teach his boys about community. what better than to have a practical example... joining another cell group for cell? :D

i love how it all worked out!
and i really dig how we work together. it's pretty amazing, because ever since i accepted his proposal it seems as if my life stopped teetering off kilter and settled down with a nice whoosh. i'm just a whole lot happier as a person and my relationship with alvin seems sealed and contentment is all around. i'm really bad at explaining this.

we will be cell grouping for the next two months i think. Lord, this is all yours!!


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