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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, January 25, 2010

Green Day at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, 14th Jan

oh wow where do i begin?

they were rocking fantastic. i went home with a full blown neck ache (head banged a wee bit much, i'd say) and i had a huge stitch from jumping and yelling.

once i got home i turned on my computer and started chatting to edmund about the best moments in the concert. we didn't stop gushing till after one hour, and ONLY because i was falling asleep on my hands. but nonetheless still very excited - sleepy, but excitedddd.

and the amazing thing is how i felt so strongly about the concert when i

1. could not see squat.
2. was actually rocking out ALONE. all by myself. in the mosh pit. with strangers.

yeahhh... alvin and i got separated because he had to get alanna and wai (i'm not blaming you guys, iloveuiloveu *kiss*kiss*) which left me, greg, kevin and... his girl (we bonded... but i forget your name. -abashed-)

so no matter, i was still with my pals, right? and greg's fun! moreover when i turn back i can see the tip of alvin's hair so he's not that far away.


and then the mosh started. AND IT WASN'T EVEN GREEN DAY YET! it was just the opening act! wow, people.

by the time the crowd chilled out i was... eh? where's greg?

'hi viv!' he called from 2 heads away. i contemplated moving towards him but i was so close to the front... oh well. i stayed put.

dammit i should never do that again. DO NOT GO SO FAR TO THE FRONT UNLESS YOU ARE AT THE RAILING. because your supply of oxygen will get cut off. zzz.

a summary: green day burst out, i rode the wave for a while, lungs almost got crushed, dumb chick pulling my hair, i left. on the way out i actually bumped into greg and kevin and girl, waved, then the mosh came in again so i scooted out

which left me all alone in the mass of people. crap. now what. i don't have my handphone too. -_-

should've listened to alvin!!!!!!!!! *angry face*

for the first half i desperately scuttled about, trying to spot a head full of hair. i even borrowed someone's phone to try to contact alvin. by the time we reached boulevard of broken dreams (heh heh) i gave up and just told myself to have a good time.

and it wasn't that bad afterall! :)

but never again. ohhhh no. -_-

i'm telling myself right now that if green day comes again, there i will be. AGAIN. one more time please! :D:D:D


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