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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kings of Convenience @ The Esplanade

it's not even eleven yet and i'm here at home, listening to Kings of Convenience on my headphones - i'm really trying my best to retain the experience.

why, oh why did the concert end so quickly?

"and i'm watching you now,
i see you building the castle with one hand,
while tearing down another with the other..."

i nearly melted in pleasure when they played I Don't Know What I Can Save You From, Little Kids and Cayman Islands back to back. and the point where they got us to stand - the beautiful lull of their voices moved a little faster while they encouraged us to sing along (which we did, mostly quietly) and snap our fingers.

everyone and the 2 men really enjoyed singing Boat Behind together. at one point alvin turned to me and sang softly in my ear; his voice had never sounded so good... i was so shocked i stepped back just to check if it was KOC or really alvin.

i loved it when they let us sing parts - it's like allowing us to take a peep into how they create their music with simple notes and a guitar. watching them play was a treat in itself, it just looked so effortless... with 2 guitars/a guitar and a piano/one single guitar they managed to recreate what they had recorded. the only thing missing was a violin, but as alvin said 'it's pretty amazing when you watch how they do without.'

they played these songs:

second to numb
cayman islands
little kids
peacetime resistance
mrs cold (this was my favorite performance; watching them play the guitar just made me gasp over and over)
boat behind
me in you
rule my world
my ship isn't pretty

on the piano! i has a huge happy! *plink-plink!*:

singing softly to me, which then led into...
the girl from back then


i'd rather dance with you (he ran into the crowd and wriggled his bum! adorable.)

extra, as in they were prepared to leave with their guitars off their backs when they stared at the crowd and decided to do just one more:

homesick ('but i can't stop listening to the sound... of two soft voices blended in perfection...')

thinking about it now, i wish they'd played Scars on Land. no matter, i loved that Kings of Convenience rounded up concert season for me.


i've got to get alvin to sing in my ear again. i don't know... it felt like i fell in love with him again at that very moment.


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