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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The xx + Florence And The Machine at the Esplanade Theatre, 7 Feb 2010

honestly, i was more inclined towards the xx than florence, but it seemed like the rest of the esplanade had it the other way around.


the xx:

the xx played first, and dude, they were so very good. it's exactly like it sounds in the album - the DJ was super tight, the bassist (male vocal) was almost flawless (haha, but we're just nitpicking :p) and the guitarist (female vocal) was so chill. an almost perfect performance. no frills; they were here to conquer and they did!

when they were done, i was too stunned to move. alvin kept checking to see if i was sleeping coz i was so still in my chair. haha.

here, check out alvin's videos. if you can, watch them in HD... but if your ram speed is utter crap like mine, just watch it in 360p - it's still very clear.

the two tracks that i love the most being played back to back... and alvin managed to get a continuous video! YAY! Here's Intro and Crystallised.

Basic Space


Night Time (with a special appearance by Florence)


florence and the machine:

i was quite bleh when they first started... florence was really running wild and i wasn't too sure about her songs, so i was just listening. vocally, she was really running amok and going crazy on stage. i was very confused.

but as the night wore on, and as she played and teased the audience... at one point she grabbed someone's polaroid and snapped a picture of herself and another one of the crowd (and kept both, hahaha), you just cannot help but be charmed by her.

on her part she was equally charmed by us; she kept dancing and singing like a madwoman... and gushed about how very pretty (and large) the esplanade theatre was. after a while i didn't care that she was not singing properly or whatever... she was so fun to watch! when the night ended i was so tired but had a silly grin across my face.

i'm so glad alvin dragged me to this concert! totally enjoyed myself.

also, taking another listen to florence on my headphones has changed things. i'm not going to say who's better, but they're both very, very good in their separate genres.

excuse me while i go put on my headphones again.


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