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Monday, April 19, 2010


forgot to file my taxes. :(


oh God i am so irritated. i really thought NUS filed my taxes for me last year, or at least someone from IRAS sent me my Singpass/IRAS pin mailer to me and prompted me 'HEY IDIOT IT'S TIME TO FILE FOR YOUR TAXES AGAIN WHAT UPPPPPP!!!'

so it should be the same this year, right?

but nothing this year. not a sound. just an IR8E form which i searched for a pin/password/prompt... nothing! only a line saying 'this is for your retention'.

hey, guys? DO I NEED TO FILE OR NOT? AND THEN EVERYTHING JUST QUIETLY PASSED BY and suddenly, it's 19th of april and i'll get fined coz the last day to e-file was yesterday.

wassup? was i supposed to file my taxes like clockwork? it's only my second time guys, give me a break.

ugh so much worry and stress tonight i won't be able to sleep. then i need to call them tomorrow and find out what the status is.



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