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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i was going to blog during the wedding weekend but blogger was undergoing a facelift during that same period.

pfft. i will shift my blog soon. rarrrr.

man, so many things to say about
1. the week before the wedding
2. the wedding itself (a success in many areas!!)
3. the honeymoon
4. living with alvin
5. quitting my job
6. getting a kitty

because getting a kitty is the most recent with the least to say, i shall start there.


alvin and i are looking to adopt a cat instead of buying one because alvin is a really sweet animal saver.

i originally wanted to buy one instead and maybe import a somali cat (shattered dreams) coz they're so pretty!

but then again, i was proven wrong after spending a day trawling through adoption boards.

here're a few:


Link to his blogspot concerning his adoption.


Link to her blogspot post concerning her adoption.


Alvin likes Sweet Corn. if we get him, we might call him 'wisecat'.

Link to his adoption page.

we will update next when we actually muster up the courage and get a kitty. so much responsibility!


27th May:

i've noticed something regarding all these pet adoptions. on one hand, there are tons of kittens waiting for adoption and there's a bit of an overcrowding issue in some foster homes. but on the other hand, a lot of these foster homes are really unwilling to send the kittens to anyone unless the homes are deemed to be equal or better than the foster home itself.

so for a first time pet owner like myself i'll probably need to buy a cat, and i'm not allowed to help any abandoned kittens? i'm a little put off by the 'first time owner = sure to fail and return the cat' attitude.



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