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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


wow! i just survived 3 days worth of lab!


straight after the test (where i didn't sleep AT ALL, remember?) i had applied microbiology lab for 4 hours... was pretty zoned, and the only times i perked up was when andrew and i were really talking rubbish, which eventually meiyan, her partner, and MY T.A. william joined in. we were talking about... the clubs in town--->types of drinks--->the immuno lab is opening--->how common degrees are nowadays--->nobody will want to employ us--->*depressed*--->where william was going for the science fac dinner (or stg like that)--->(the prof joined in)--->tried to convince him to wear bell bottoms coz the theme was the 70s...

guess u can tell we were really damn 'zuo bo'.

still severely lacking in rest, but went for the biotech prac for 4 hours! and i shall explain what we did and make it as idiot-proof (or arts-proof hahaha) as possible.

we have fish. zebrafish. see colourful zebrafish before? those neon ones. ok. we make those.

take DNA. inject into fish muscle.

voila! neon reds, greens, blues, yellows, and purples. *BLINK*

see picture of me poking fish below. (fish fainted by anaesthesia, therefore immobile! but still alive! wow, the wonders of science!)

i bet angel and xinwei are going to kill me. neh neh ni boo boo. :D

2202 lab. the toughest of the lot this sem and the LONGEST.

6 friggin hours.

but today was like, hmm add this add that, REACTION! then proceed to let it continue reacting for 2.5 hours. yay. then come back, watch video, watch demo of how to operate certain machines... then take reaction out, add abit more stuff, then...

GO HOME. wow. first time end at 5pm leh (normally 6pm)!

oh william was my T.A. for this module too, so we continued the talk on alcohol.............

dunno why also, when i drink so little. haha. oh, and i actually had pictures of me and bob playing retarded finger games (like 'ji-go-pa!' and the one that u play by hitting the opponent's fingers and basically u need to hit so hard the alignment of both fingers go awry or stg like that). those were pretty funny.

2.5 hours is too long!


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