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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, March 19, 2006


just came back from 3 straight days of worshipping, roaring, listening to pastor after pastor, and soaking in the Holy Spirit. i don't know what i was running on, but now that i'm home - i just wanna keel over and faint.

was pretty tired on friday alone coz all the activities came back to back; school, kids cell, and G12 day 2. and i stupidly didn't get enough rest that day coz after the conference, my cell went for supper at Popeye's! oh, plus i was ironing out some personal stuff... till friggin' 430 am.

woke up at three intervals on saturday, 945, 1130, and oh shit it's 1230 arghhh. G12 day three was so full of impact. total empowerment! (not to mention the ironing stuff out till 430am really helped me get into the whole conference, finally. thanks 'flame'.)

it felt great to be there at G12, witnessing all of my church family reaching out to God together, having breaks together, sitting together etc. i loved it. there was so much love going around that i do believe i went really hyper. ahh, so that's the fuel i was running on: family love.


after the amazing conference, after aileen and i had a very short heart to heart, we went back to the daniel/samuel hall to bunk in for the night. but of course, we had supper before sleeping!

and on the 18th of march 2006, just barely before midnight, something of great joy happened at the coffee shop at marine parade. but this is something i'll leave my brother-in-Christ (you're official now!) to share with you. if he would ever.

yeah, then after going back for the Game of Life, and loads of ugly, and some discriminating photos... we finally decided to sleep.

then i had a nightmare. -_-

then! processing with pastor william and then service... which ended super late; and then games at signature park! i love going there.

hey sorry if this post is super boring to read and basically recounts my entire few days, but i'm brain-mush, so i will try to entertain another day.

all in all, G12 is a must-go next year.


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