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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Sunday, March 12, 2006

you're in love with love, i believe.

you would think a new believer/non-believer would stutter when spoken to by a senior pastor, but not someone who's been attending church for 3 years right?

wrong. especially when he's speaking to you and the whole church is listening in.


pastor khong has developed this habit to walk away from the pulpit, down the stage, and into the masses, for about 2 weeks now. and so far he's only been walking down the left aisle.

my cell, being not used to the 'walkabouts', sat at the side of the right aisle. and guess who sat right NEXT to the aisle?

and guess where pastor decided to walk along today?

ps khong bounced off the stage, and took 2 steps towards my cell's direction. 'lemme ask someone from this side now!'

candice (next to me) gasps and stares hard at the Bible on her lap. and what did i do? smile at him lor.

(ok really, he's my pastor, so i don't want to avoid him either coz i just feel to look away without at least a smile is horribly disrespectful. but after i did it, i was like CRAP HE'S BEAMING AND ME AND oh, dieee...)


me: (very tiny voice) er, vivien. (teeny smile while pressing back in my chair)

ps: so, tell me, vivien. what's your dream??

me: honestly?

ps: yes. let's just be honest here!

me: um, (brain misfires) i want to be a research assistant.

ps: OH. um, how about your dream for God?

me: oh. (something died inside me, while my brain just went all whitenoise.) uh..... *stammer*

ok, i did ask God to speak to me before service... but THIS??!

i think i had a heart seizure.


after pastor smiled and walked away:

pastor william purposely walked to me and grinned. -_-"'

plus tons of: 'eh vivien! HAHAHAHA' and 'eh vivien! saw u on the big screen!' and 'eh vivien, so... what's your dream??'


well, then we took pictures of ingrid in green!

and candice and ingrid in green!

i looked so argly on camera...


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