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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the emotions we keep locked away like stolen pearls

hello! your friendly and frequent (?) blogger is back! well, for now at least, coz i've decided to write a decent post instead of showing u guys where i've been getting my entertainment fix. (see posts below)

the reason why i haven't been posting was because the exams are here, among other reasons. with only 3 papers this sem, i don't really know how i managed with 5 the past sems. i must have been either a) very prepared or b) very insane. perhaps the modules were easy?

well, anyways, this is gonna be one of those 'i just wanna sit here and type off my mind' kinda posts. so yay, here i go. (xinwei, read this only when u have time, haha)

well, yeah out of my 3 papers, i've got 2 down and the next one's not for another week. which means if i start tomorrow, it is possible i can get an A for it. *hopeful*

i've been extremely blessed. so blessed, my legs are strained from jumping, leaping, skipping and running around shouting 'I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!'

see, i had 2 papers: one on saturday and one on monday. both morning papers. and because of a certain 30% report i wasn't very prepared for them. so to cut things short, i studied for both papers only one day before. the amount of notes i had to memorize... hmm, the thickness would be about 3/4 of your forearm to fingertips. yep. such is the life of life science students.

(*pounds head with huge file of notes* 'get in, dammit.')

well, of course i couldn't finish! so i had to start trying to spot questions... and guess what? everytime i flipped open my question book with shaky fingers, the questions - i could do! i know that this is a 'duh, i knew u were going to say that' moment, but hey - i get extremely panicky when i'm not fully prepared for an exam.

especially for infectious diseases. there's a crazy load of bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminths, parasites (and... is that all? feels like i forgot something. BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER NOW! MUAHAHAHAHA) that are 'medically important' and if you don't study them, u DIE. or something.

but i survived, somehow. i was pretty delirious after i stepped out of infectious diseases on monday - 40 hours without sleep is nuts. yes, and can i say again i knew how to do the essays? *crumples with relief*

and! the best thing that God has blessed me with since getting into NUS is...


... having an honours project drop on your lap, fling its arms wide open and shout 'TAKE ME!! I'M YOURS!!!'



edit: oh yes, i remember the exact reason why i stopped blogging. coz around april 12th, i got wind of something that made me SO MAD i was afraid of myself. and i really didn't want to let loose on this blog and... ah never mind. thinking about it still makes my blood boil.


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