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Saturday, April 01, 2006

OH MY... /bangs head on table top

i've been an absolute idiot.

i'd wanted to change my phone since i saw ronald's Motorola L7 (it's so pweety...) but i thought my plan only ended next year in march, so i'd decided to wait till then to decide, coz i've got no cash now.

then. i received a $65 voucher for a handset upgrade from M1. i thought they were being idiots, coz, duh, i obviously can't use it coz i can't upgrade my handset till next year right? so i chucked it to one side.

somehow, by fluke, i noticed that, hey, my sunperks points seem to have expired already... OH MY GOODNESS DOES THIS MEAN MY CONTRACT HAS ACTUALLY ALREADY EXPIRED??!

well, guess what? YES!! i had my 10 minutes of screamy exhilaration knowing i had my voucher and that the L7 is cheap now... until i noticed in fine print:

'this voucher is valid till 24th March 2006.'


and guess what? it's april fool's day. this sucks!! T_T


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