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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Thursday, May 04, 2006

to do list.

hmm. i'm very afraid i'll just waste my hols slacking and nua-ing all over. so, here's my to do list!

1. read up on malaria
my honours project is starting!!! it's blardy exciting, and i keep getting bouts of thrills. which is embarrassing, coz it makes me shudder and squeal in the middle of whatever i'm doing. i also found out some things about the other student(s) under the same prof, and just some things about the lab uh, demographics that just makes me go XD !

2. plan for children's cell
woah, i really need to get a move on in this area. coz adeline's going on holiday so i'm all alone for 2 weeks, handling 15 (?) kiddos. o_O

3. watch extras, scrubs, honey & clover, arrested development, and coupling!

4. swim and jog

5. spend loads of time with the girls (angel mel xinwei)
morton's in abit!! wooo!!! steak sandwiches and martinis... :D~~~

6. spend time with my cell
it's mahjong all the way babyyy.

7. spend time with my family

8. find a job
pls help me. pls pls pls. i am so broke. know anyone who needs tuition?

9. plan for my ... BIRTHDAY!!
yes it is coming. i will not act shy and tell you, 'oh, birthday only... it doesn't matter...' right.


have u been following american idol? i LURVE katherine mcphee. she's incredibly gorgeous. her voice may not hold all the time, but MY GOSH did u see her recent performance??

i love her!!! she's so pretty!! she's so pretty! so pretty!!!

argh she's so pretty!!!!

i'm not les, i'm not les, i'm not les....

<---- my 2 absolute favourites


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