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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Friday, May 12, 2006


this week has been goooood! i've done quite a lot of stuff (though none of them from the to-do list), making me one happy birdie. :)

starting from sunday, i received a 'zhao cai mao - bu dao wung' all the way from narita airport! it's freaking funny to watch, the way it rollie-pollies around the table with its right paw upright. hehehe. i couldn't stop laughing!

then i went for dinner with the gep boys to plan for the 'according-to-makansutra' food tour... and was joined at dinner by an unexpected guest! i was kinda out of my skin for a bit, expecting a lot of animosity and general unfriendliness. but then, us being girls and thus upfront about our problems, we talked about it instead of sweeping it under the carpet (like some guys do *sigh*) and wow, was my mind changed about her ever since. for the BETTER of course. :)

it just made me wonder through the night, why didn't we talk about this earlier? well, of course it didn't help that i never knew she wanted to get to know me, plus all the miscommunication going on between us due to the lousiest messenger ever. *shrug* i'm just really glad that everything's pretty much settled, and i've got her number in case i need to double confirm anything. XD

SO I HAVE A NEW FRIEND!! yippee! and she's great to talk to. i can't believe how everything seemed so icy just a while back. that day, our conversation was just flowing along fine. WOW. *gladness*

anyways, the next day we had the food tour which was covered in the previous post, then on tuesday... i think i slacked, can't really remember. hmm. sometimes a hole in your memory's best not explored.

so! wednesday it was 'laptop reformatting day'. ok maybe it was 'laptop reformatting day+night'. it took so very long just to re-install all the important programs back. yikes.

and yesterday, it was Food Trail (Chinatown)!!! the food list was INSANE. we had almost triple of what we had on Food Trail (East). same thing, we went to 3 places but woah, it was an exhaustive search of all the good food they had there. so we ate and ate and ate... and ate. i'm still feeling lazy, so i guess i'll just follow everyone else and wait for alanna to blog about it then link there. heh.

again same thing, we went to settler's... and played transamerica, cranium... and settlers! hehehehe. i like settlers, though i played a REALLY bad game. but it was fun to try to strategize. heh.

well, just before the end of the Food Trail bob started to develop a headache and feel sick, while alvin had the beginnings of the runs. but us girls were fine though. hmm. we ended at tai hwa BAK CHOR MEE!! best ever. *drool* then we split ways and alvin had diarrhea, so had to be rushed home in a cab.

oh, i suddenly met mel at tai hwa with desmond and don and don's mom. then i found out she's going off to KL today... with er, someone.

wow, small world.

ok, guess this post may not make sense to a few of u. my apologies, but my vocab, as i found out yesterday, is obviously not as consistent as it used to be. bah.

and guess what? food trail continues on tomorrow!!!! but this time, it's with different people and a different country... I'M A-GOING TO JB, BABYYYY~!!

'food, o glorious food...'


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