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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Saturday, June 17, 2006

the painkillers don't work.

i've finally experienced going into shock.

1st stage:
stunned silence ---> seeing millions of stars ---> puking ---> turning ghostly pale ---> inability to walk ---> unfocused eyes ---> disjointed sentences

2nd stage:
wheeling around on a wheelchair ---> taking pictures of my bloody foot and my A&E experience ---> becoming really perky and grinning all the way

i don't know, i guess i try to put my mind off the pain by laughing it off...

thanks to the 2 insanely lame people (aileen and alvin) that came along and made the whole situation that much better. oh, all the corny jokes they made - 'i knee to run away'; 'her sentences are disjointed', 'so who's footing the bill?' etc - u should've seen me trying to get out of hearing range as fast as possible, using my one good foot to push/steer myself on the wheelchair.

i stopped trying to escape after they locked my wheelchair and made me sit there, listening to them laughing at their own lame jokes. -_-

some of the few things they did:

1. lame jokes galore
2. aileen suggesting taking pictures of my first ever A&E experience - she got kinda shutter happy after the 2nd shot (ehhh let's take this! and that! wow, operating theatre!!!)
3. alvin going 'beep, beep, beep' while steering my wheelchair backwards (ala a parking car)
4. taking a video of me steering my wheelies (weee!!)
5. alvin doing hand directions while aileen was wheeling me, like i was an incoming aeroplane (i'm not that big leh!! airbus ahh?! *indignant*)
6. both of them watching the gruesome peeling off of my gauze while i gripped them and turned away cringing.
7. aileen being all cool and calm though i looked like a ghost and was actually freaking her out on the inside.

i really thank God for them, or i would've just gotten into shock, all pale and trembly and possibly sobbing away coz it's so freaking painful... but i might've tried to look more ghastly so i'd be attended to quickly, and not being all cheerful and telling the nurse 'oh um, not very pain la. *grin*'

i could hear aileen, and alvin smacking their foreheads behind me.

also thank God for the kids - i think i might have traumatized them coz of all the blood that's all over the playground now, but they were so concerned and told their parents about it so i had a few offers for a ride home/to the hospital.

i feel so loved. and they kept me entertained by msging me. i have great kids!! :D

and lastly, thank God no nerves were torn, and there wasn't any fractures. it was merely cosmetic. a really long and deep gash, but i just needed stitches.

heng ah. but now, my birthday howww???

photos from the kids camp last week (great fun!)

photos around the A&E


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