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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, July 31, 2006


and the search for the 'woah-oh-oh' continues...

me: eh, how come my version don't have the 'woah-oh-oh'...

skinny beany: huh?? it's inside what!!

me: where???

skinny beany: it's in the hillsong album!!

me: ya. don't have!

skinny beany: hillsong. not HILLSONG UNITED.

me: oh. ha ha ha. (rather embarrassed) i didn't know they sing each others' songs.

skinny beany: well, they are from the same church right? -__-


oopsee. heh. ANYWAY, i've got the other version up already. listen to it on earphones!! then u can hear the fantastic crowd singing along. so cool.


also, i was planning to let my tuition girl know about the planetshakers concert next week... so i mentioned it during tuition.

wah lau. she was more excited than me lor. 'YA YA YA I KNOW!! YAY!! SO EXCITING!!!'

i think it's great when people of God get together. coz we all love and want the same things; it just feels so good.

and there's FOP this coming fri, sat and sun! though Hillsong can't come, i'm still going. i think it's fantastic that there're so many things going on in the birthday month of Singapore! (am feeling rather patriotic now, after the Take the City walk. heh.)


i was trying the fit of my oddica shirts yesterday when Darkie (my bro) came in. i excitedly thrust the shirts into his face and went, 'STAR WARS LEH!! SEE SEE, IT'S DARTH VADER!! SO FUNNY!'

as i showed him the shirts, i suddenly thought: eh maybe he can wear.

so being the retarded people we were, Darkie was game. 'eh okok! i try HAHAHAHA.'

guess what?

HE CAN WEAR MY SHIRT. but he's got the TTS (tight t-shirt) thing going on, so while showing our mom how fitting the shirt was, i couldn't stop laughing, and Darkie couldn't help but wrap his arms across his chest while exclaiming 'eh damn disgusting la - so tight!!'

it really wasn't tight lor. i was pretty sadded. :(

too bad i was laughing too hard to grab my camera.


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