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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the most insignificant and unimportant questions i've had the whole day

random cockster #1: (strides into the SSC and sits in front of me after taking a queue number) uh, actually my question is very small la. you see ah, i want to put up two posters on campus...

at which i gape at him and go 'uhhh...' while trying to point at the sign on my counter that says "FOR WALK-IN CORS ENQUIRIES".

random cockster #1 continues: ... so i was wondering if i can lor, coz u see ah...

at which his friend, random cockster #2 prods him and says: oi this is not the OSA (office of student affairs) la.

random cockster #1: no meh?

random cockster #2: this is not la.

me: er, er, yes, this is the SSC.

random cockster #1: SSC and OSA. NOT THE SAME MEH? *befuddled*

random cockster #2: no lah! must go to OSA!

me: yes, and it's on the 3rd floor.

random cockster #1: oh. haha. thanks. *thumbs up*

as they walk away... random cockster #2: is there anywhere i can fill my water bottle?

they also have another friend, but i didn't get to talk to him so i haven't an inkling whether he's a cockster too.


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