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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oscar, Hilary and Teddy

i love dogs.

in particular, clean and fluffy golden retrievers.

my neighbour has 2 cats and a golden retriever. the family takes such good care of them that they all have great fur and u can put your face into their fur without worrying you'll have a pimple break out.

except Hilary* the cat, coz i'm allergic to her and i might break out in hives if i do that.

i saw Oscar* the dog 2 days ago when i came home from the Gateway Cities Youth Convention... and there he was, just standing there patiently waiting for his owners to bring him for a walk.

he's so guai.

when i walked past him, i smiled at the owners (i know them - animals bring people together somehow) and then at Oscar, waved at him and said, 'Hi Oscar! *grin*grin*grin*'

that was his cue.

i was standing about a meter away, but i could practically see him perk up and twitch his ears, and he stood up and bounded toward me, raised himself on his hind legs, and gave me a hug.

if u consider doggie hugs as those where their doggie paws press on your chest and almost brings you down to the carpark gravel.

ahh good hug. :)

i laughed and ran my fingers through his soft, soft, soft fur - OMG I LOVE HIM!! and the best thing about Oscar?

he's not licky at all! nor smelly!

i gave him a huggle before i pulled his paws off my shirt (argh, my star wars shirt has claw marks now). he's so heavy i had to heave him off.

i think he and i had fun. :D

it's amazing how dogs are so pleasant to have. i want 2 cats and a dog too!!


this morning as i was walking out to the gate, i saw Hilary and Teddy* the cat seated about one meter apart of each other in the carpark. i grinned coz Teddy can't stand Hilary, but Hilary, being a seriously dumb and playful cat, keeps wanting to play with Teddy! either that, or she's just bullying him.

haha. dumb cats.

*real name


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