(A melodic or harmonic configuration that creates a sense of repose or resolution.)

"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Thursday, August 03, 2006

we will defy all that holds us back from You!

the first time i heard this song, i disliked it. the bits when the song slowed down really sagged, and it was the first song ever played where we and my comrades just stared at each other, not knowing to clap, or jump? or stop entirely? *scratch head*

so when Skinny Beany came back from Australia after the Hillsongs conference, and after i took his Hillsongs United album, i just HAD to listen for myself if the song was really so... weird.

the first listen:

"hmm... Revolution... track 11... *fiddle*fiddle* Ok, play."

(3 minutes and 44 seconds later):


the second listen:


the fifty-seventh listen:

still O_O

i love it! argh. the emulation done really did this no justice. ah well, i'm hoping on the week where it's my cell's turn to be the choir...


sidetrack abit, ah.

it's my zone's turn to do choir duty!! so exciting! we get to wear bright polo tees, stand on stage, and wave our arms about like mad people!!!

no la, kidding. we need to go and learn the actions on the 24th before we can go join in leading worship. (i don't care, i'm seeing this as a form of leading worship. people can see you ok.)

eh Mambo King, don't go for reservice la... go for service!! (hahahah! pun! pun!! ... ok pretty obvious. never mind then.)

i'm terribly excited.


... they won't play this song. or i might cringe. it's really too weird when it's being performed here, coz... maybe the change in beat is hard to catch? aiyah dunno la.

BUT!! knowing God's sense of humour, this will probably be in the line up for worship that week. just wait and see.

i'm just praying that it'll be done well. otherwise everyone will be busy shooting quizzical looks and catching on to the altered beat instead of praising. *pray*


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