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Thursday, December 07, 2006

bang bang!! (and die into heart-shapes)

"my name is Bond. James Bond."

ok maybe my expectations were lowered by the many people who said the new Bond sucked, but


i love how they juxtaposed his ruthlessness against tenderness - and he didn't look stiff when he was all 'loving'.

i'm so glad they threw away the usual 'man tries to take over the world, and i will stop him by GADGETS GADGETS AND MORE GADGETS while romancing at least 2 women on the way coz i'm so sesseh.'

that plot is old, man. which was also the reason why i stopped watching pierce brosnan though he was so suave. the script sucked!!

but in contrast, i was pretty blown away by the new James 'Blonde' (as xinwei calls him) coz i love his tortured eyes (or sleepy, whatever you saw) - they are the most piercing blue. i admit he's not cute.

but so?!! he is cool!!

and wow, he can pack a punch man. though i was dead tired after my paper in the evening, my eyes were wide-open and going O_O all the way.

i don't know what to say, really... but heyhey, i love spy movies, and james bond has just spied his way into my movie list.

good script (got some loopholes here and there), great lines, judi dench rocked as a blistering M (as usual), fantastic sinister creepy evil guy... who is not the mastermind!! for once!!! and the girl... sigh, she was a good plot man.

hey, really, it's not fantastic, but for the usual Bond? this definitely breaks out of the (boring) mold.

i will so watch this next year. on 070707. (*geeks out*)


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