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Monday, October 01, 2007

telepathic communication at the dinner table.

i was having dinner with my mom and adrean, and we were just ending a conversation thread that had something to do with alvin (i think it was the fact that his grandma makes incredibly RAWKIN' belachaaaaan...)

when adrean suddenly said -

A: eh mummy ah, so u accept alvin liao issit?

Mom: *gives him the weird look* why you ask this for?


Mom: aiyah, what's there to accept or not? shun qi zi ran ma...

i snigger and shoots adrean a look. i just KNEW what he was really trying to ask.

adrean catches my eye and sputters: EH IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK OK!!

my suspicions have been confirmed.

V: *glee* mummy! you know why adrean is asking this question anot??

my mum is piqued (and quite irritated by the sputtering noises adrean was making to try to shut me up).

V: he wants to know what will happen if he gets a girlfriend!! (laughs my head off because i know adrean is freaking out)


A: no... no... *clutches his side from the stitch* (it's not easy trying to chew, talk and defend yourself at the same time)

then i proceeded to try whisper something to my mum. i was going to tell her who i thought it was...

V: mummy... heeheehee...

A: EH! it's not her okay!!!

wahhh... adrean and i can communicate telepathically. how wonderful. :D


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