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"But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." - Psalms 52:8

Monday, November 05, 2007

one hectic weekend!

i was running around like some crazy chick on saturday coz i had 4 events on a single day! absolute madness!!!


#1: adrean's 21st birthday we celebrated nearby (coz of my tight schedule) and headed to tampines mall's Phin's.

it was one quick lunch.

oh th
ere was a nice photo series which i took and could actually see some sequence. hehe, here goes:

you go, bro.


#2: pam and roger's wedding

it started out as a disaster for me. bus 10 took forever to come, and by the time i arrived i was so flustered i look quite dishevelled and in my haste, i accidentally hooked the hem of my skirt onto my paper bag which caused my dress to get lifted BE
YOND WHAT WAS APPROPRIATE (omg, in a church too *WAILS*) when i picked my paper bag up.

i gave up and sat down from all the rush. and i don't think anyone saw it. *crosses fingers*

i really do stupid things when i'm rushed. sigh.

alvin came along; he was late too. and then i don't know why but he brought along this crumpled excuse of a tie... it was so 'giam cai' i couldn't stop laughing at how pathetic it looked.

look, here it is:

but other than that, it's really quite a nice picture! :)

then i spotted joanna and haha, we oogled over each other's shoes ('OH I LIKE YOUR SHOES!!') before we realized we were wearing similar prints.

somewhat a fashion faux pas but oh, whatever man, pretty can already. ;)

and then i spotted an uncle... but i really liked the gold watch.

(heh it's zhixiong la; watch is lennel's)

GREAT. short and sweet.

alvin and i... ok, mainly me, kept making commitment jokes. hahaha he wasn't very into my jokes though and kept giving me his >_> look when i said stuff like, 'OH NO DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT MARRIAGE BLAH BLAH'


and then we grooved together when they played 'i will follow him'. heehee. this is WHY i love alvin so. :D


#3: after everything was over, we made a mad dash for hiphop lessons at o-school. we learnt how to do the wave! cool! i have a half wave now! (one arm only, can't extend to the other arm. HAHA!!)


#4: met the secondary school bunch for dinner at holland v.

it was so fun! and the food was so GOOD.

and it was angee's birthday! yay!

so i had to disturb her...

great stuff man! ok rockapella up next...


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