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Friday, October 26, 2007

me against the baby

i mean this in the most un-gay manner possible...

but did u know that just a few days back, i was so sure that alvin was the most effectively deh person (yes, he even beats the girls) i've ever encountered.

it could be because he bats his really pretty eyes.

but then... last sunday... everything changed.

he was beaten down...


13 month old emmanuel.

this child is has a vicious pout. it's evident when he turns me into putty faster than alvin can.

yes, i'm sorry dear. your championship title has been wrenched away by that cheeky toddler.

ok let me explain.


last sunday after service, emmanuel was wobbling around kicking his balloon when he suddenly fell over. dawn and i ran over in worry to see if he was okay.

he kinda needed to prop himself up, so he grabbed his nearest support - the balloon.

he struggled to stand up, and squeezed the red balloon.

imagine this: dawn and me, running forward making clucking noises to see if he's ok... then running backwards squealing when emmanuel squeezes his balloon.

then imagine this: emmanuel looks up at us squealing and running away, looks down at his hands (which are still squeezing the balloon), makes the connection...


that look was evil, man!

because i was running backwards, i saw the devilish look on the toddler's face. immediately i told dawn to stop running, and to pretend that we're not afraid of balloons... but she had scooted pretty far away by then.


after that, mike pulled emmanuel away (that toddler was still grinning at me! *shudder*) before he really ended up bursting the balloon. i told mike what happened, and he laughed.


emmanuel started struggling after awhile, so we had to let him down for some tottering about. he made a beeline for the balloon, SHOT A LOOK AT ME, i eyed him back, then he grinned and


'argh argh argh!! MIIIIIIIIIKE!!!!'

after mike pulled emmanuel away for the 2nd time, i dolefully looked at the balloon, shot a -_- look at emmanuel (who was WATCHING ME while looking as though he was highly entertained)


when the duo came back, emmanuel looked straight at me and went, 'ah?' while stretching out his tiny hands and exerting his best puppy eyes at me.

i walked up to him, leaned into his face and said, 'no more!' :D he made a slight fuss, but he looked like he didn't believe me. ok lor.

15 minutes later, mike left for home and left emmanuel in my arms. emmanuel kept looking at me quizzically as if he was asking, 'where's balloon?'

so i carried him to one of those huge dustbins in expo, and we both peered in.

the dustbins were cleared! he made a noise of disgust.

hahaha, viv = 1, baby = 0.



then while waiting for alvin to finish cell, only del and i were left to entertain each other. we talked a little about accountability, then emmanuel started putting his hands into his mouth.

immediately, del smacked his hand.

then he did it again.

you see, this boy ah, he does this kinda things just to get a reaction. just like the balloon business.

so what else can be expected right? dellia scolded, smacked and he cried.


he faced del, and when he realized he could get no sympathy, he turned to me crying.

i was squinting at emmanuel and said sternly, 'oh no don't u think you can turn to me ok, you must listen to mummy!!'

but i felt my hands leave my body unconsciously...

i could even hear a faraway voice shouting, 'no, vivien, NOOOO!!'

then there was a louder inner voice going 'AWW YOU POOR KID :(((('

wah lau! i was out of control la! after i carried emmanuel up and when he stopped crying i realized that:

1. that faraway voice was dellia (oops)
2. i was still scolding him (like as if it's gonna work anymore... my body language totally says: YES VIVIEN IS PUTTY IN YOUR HANDS)
3. F-A-I-L.

then he put his hand in his mouth again.

no mercy from me this time, kiddo. i scolded him. and smacked his hand (lightly).

he looked away desolately, then stared over my shoulder all forlorn.

then dellia started convulsing in giggles.

i gave her the 'eh wassup?' look, then she pointed at emmanuel.


as in the type of pout that girls use on guys, or the type alvin uses on me... then it hit me: OMG IT'S THE EXACT SAME ONE AS ALVIN'S!

you know... the lower lip is pushed out just that little bit.

i started shuddering while trying to stop myself from laughing aloud. emmanuel felt it, and looked up at me, still pouting. i quickly rearranged my face to look stern.

you could practically see him go *sigh*, then turn his pout on his mom.

del quickly rearranged her face to look stern, while i turned away and wracking with silent laughter.

yes, it's definitely baby = 2, viv = 1.

bleh! it's not fair, he's got the invincible pout!! grr.


this part is just about how cute emmanuel is. we carried him to the top-up cashcard machine and he imitated us pressing the buttons.

my gosh his fingers are still so small.

then it was just UBER ADORABLE when everytime he pressed a button which made the screen light up, he'd go 'ooh~'.

i can't explain, you have to see his face and how his mouth forms a perfect 'O'.

he looks like a sotong. hahahahaha!


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