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Thursday, February 07, 2008

welcome to the family

i love gatherings with my extended family.

last year when i had to stay behind in school for all 3 days of the CNY period and only eat pizza hut/macdonalds, i became really morose and depressed since it was the ONLY TIME in the WHOLE YEAR when i get to see all my nephews and nieces.

guess how much i adore them? =)

so i more than made up for lost time this time around.

ok! pictures galore! :D


the first wedding of the year -


and CNY day 1 -

damien (the featured nephew of mine) is friggin' adorable. he stuck to me like glue after i swung him around, dragged him all over the floor by his legs, and taught him how to open the snack bottle. he'll be 3 this april. :)

i also tried teaching him to feed me people.

mind you, this is only half of the niece/nephew clan. one is spending time with chuuling (*jealous*), one's in australia nursing a fractured wrist (aiyah she must have fallen on herself and crushed her wrist - she's so chubby!), and three are in malaysia visiting their other baba side (yes, they're the ones with the huge eyes and seem to have fur for eyelashes).

good grief, i'm an aunty to 10... and counting!!


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